Boys High School All-Americans complete 2015 Winter Camp

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. - The USA Rugby Boys High School All-Americans, supported by Aircraft Charter Solutions, completed a four-day Winter Camp at the tail end of the 2015 calendar year at Casa Grande Sports Academy.

Home to the renowned Real Salt Lake Academy and considered one of the best training venues in the country, the Academy hosted 111 high school players between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. More than 90 percent of the Camp attendees were recruited from last summer's Regional Cup Tournaments, as well as returning BHSAA selections from the 2015 Las Vegas Invitational and Stars and Stripes Camp.

Kicking off alongside the tail end of the USA Rugby AIG Men's Junior All-Americans' Winter Camp at the same complex, BHSAA Head Coach Salty Thompson's Camp began Sunday, Dec. 27, with fitness testing, and progressed to skill development, unit work, and team preparation.

Twenty-one members of staff, including counselors, trainers, managers, and coaches, provided a 5:1 player-to-staff ratio across the 58,000-square foot training center. Athletes received hands-on attention to detail from the staff in regards to performance, education, and recovery, with the latter buoyed by the therapy pools at the Academy.

The high school-aged players also took part in a seminar on preparing for college with the assistance of Karen Fong Donaghue, a current referee and former All-American. Adding to the educational portion of the Camp, the coaching staff also mentored and engaged players in the evaluation and performance review process.

"Players arrived fit and focused to perform," Thompson said. "Expectations and standards were set before Camp and the staff did an exceptional job providing a quality experience."

The BHSAAs will next take to the pitch in the sevens code of the game at the 2016 Las Vegas Invitational, where Thompson's charges won two Cups and a Plate across the 2013 and 2014 tournaments and finished runners-up last year. Additional competition opportunities include a sevens tournament north of the U.S.-Canada border and 15s matches in Canada, all scheduled throughout the summer.

Boys High School All-Americans | 2015 Winter Camp

First NameLast NameAgeGradePositionClub
DevehnAfemata1712PropBelmont Shore Rugby (CA)
DavidAinuu1611PropLiberty (WA)
TyrenAl-Jiboori1510WingUnion High School (OK)
AydenAugspurg159PropPark Hill South (MO)
CharlieBaggett IV1712HookerLowland Lions (UT)
ConnorBercik1712CenterFairfield Prep (CT)
LukeBienstock1712WingGreenwich High School (CT)
DavidBortins1712CenterSouthern Pines (NC)
JohnBradfield1711Fly halfSt. Edward High School (OH)
WilliamBrennan1812CenterSeattle Vikings (WA)
GrantBroeder1812Full backEureka High School (MO)
BenBroselle1611Full backChuckanut Bay (WA)
TrevorBrueningsen1812PropJupiter Sharks (FL)
JakeBurns1611Back rowChuckanut Bay (WA)
KaiCarlberg1510CenterSpringfield Celts (IL)
SatchelCarnine1712PropPenn Rugby (IN)
AsaCarter1611LockUnion High School (OK)
BrendanCheung1510LockMira Mesa Aztec Warriors (CA)
KonorCoan1611PropParaparaumu College (New Zealand)
JacobCortinas149Scrum halfPeninsula Green (CA)
TaylorDamron1712Full backBack Bay Sharks (CA)
Rubende Haas1711Scrum halfLittle Rock Junior Stormers (AR)
AmarDhillon1510CenterMother Lode (CA)
JamesDoering1610PropSt. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
SeanDowling1711PropFort Hunt (VA)
KaleikaumakaDuke1611CenterWest Side Warriors (UT)
OwenDuvall1712PropCoastal Dragons (CA)
ChristianDyer1712Fly halfJesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
BeauFalco1712LockSanta Clarita Valley Tigers (CA)
JosephFezza1812PropJupiter Sharks (FL)
NolanFilteau1510PropAmoskeag (NH)
RoyceFisher1611Fly halfLos Gatos Lions (CA)
KeoniFrancis1611PropCY-Fair Bobcats (TX)
MatthewFreeman159Back rowGonzaga College High School (DC)
JosephFreeman1812Back rowGonzaga College High School (DC)
BennyGonda1812PropSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
AntonGrigoriou1712Fly halfBack Bay Sharks (CA)
JacobHedge1712HookerShore High School (Australia)
ZacharyHeisterkamp1712Back rowSt. Edward High School (OH)
AllanHogue1611LockUnited (UT)
OwenHundt1712CenterSt. Edward High School (OH)
TristanIngold1812Scrum halfKent Crusaders (WA)
RyanJames1611WingAztec Warriors (CA)
MichaelJennings1611CenterStaples High School (CT)
GarrettKay1611Back rowJesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
KillianKeane1610Fly halfEastside Lions (WA)
IsaiaKruse1510Scrum halfBullard High School (CA)
MikaeleKruse1712CenterBullard High School (CA)
KyleLazera1510Scrum halfJupiter Sharks (FL)
RussellLemaster149Back rowRoyal Irish (IN)
SeanLumkong1611CenterCoastal Dragons (CA)
GriffinMaat1611LockSt. Thomas High School (TX)
ClaytonMacauley1711Back rowMother Lode (CA)
PatrickMadden1711Full backAztec Warriors (CA)
GabrielMahuinga1611HookerHerriman Mustangs (UT)
SimMander1712WingSt. Paul's School (England)
CliveManuao1812CenterBack Bay Sharks (CO)
JackManzo1611HookerXavier High School (NY)
ConorMcManus1610Scrum halfFort Hunt (VA)
EvanMcTaggart1712PropGlen Ellyn Ducks (IL)
PatrickMcTiernan1611WingGreenwich High School (CT)
JackMiller1712Back rowBrookline High School (MA)
DouglasMitchell1610PropGranite Bay (CA)
SkylerMitchell1711Back rowMother Lode (CA)
DanielMonroe1611Back rowLos Gatos Lions (CA)
SohNakayama1712Scrum halfGreenwich High School (CT)
KevinNdou1712PropPelham Rugby (NY)
ChristianNewby1610CenterSouthern Pines (NC)
NoahNiumataiwalu1712Scrum halfArchmere Academy (DE)
ChristopherNoggle1611Back rowStingrays (CA)
SeanNolan159Fly halfBack Bay Sharks (CA)
JeremyOckomichalak1711PropSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
OscarOckomichalak1812HookerSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
KaremOdeh1712PropBrunswick Blue Devils (OH)
QuinnPerry1611CenterSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
LukePersanis1711Scrum halfPelham Rugby (NY)
JustinPetersen1611Fly halfCoastal Dragons (CA)
GavinPrentice159PropEastside Lions WA)
MilesRabinowitz1510Fly halfMill Hill School, London (England)
CoryRatka1711Scrum halfKenmore Rugby (NY)
AlexanderRayton1611Back rowWoodlands (TX)
JamesReid148CenterWarrenton (VA)
BlakeRichards-Smith1611LockCoastal Dragons (CA)
RyanRobb1812Back rowAspetuck Valley (CT)
StevenRohde1611Back rowSt. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
JosephRusert-Cuddy1711Back rowPalmer HS Terrors (CO)
KyleSaalfeld1812Back rowKent Crusaders (WA)
MatthewSanders1812CenterSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
JoshuaSchnell1611LockKaty Barbarians (TX)
ChaseSchor Haskin1611Back RowWeston (FL)
GarrettShepherd1611Scrum halfMother Lode (CA)
DillonShotwell1712PropKingwood Rugby (TX)
ConnorSt. Clair159PropCharlotte Tigers (NC)
AustinStrehlow1611LockDanville Oaks (CA)
FaitalaTalapusi1611CenterPeninsula Green (CA)
ThomasTameilau1610PropPeninsula Green (CA)
BronsonTeles1712Back rowKaty Barbarians (TX)
HalleluiahTiauli1712PropRainier Junior Highlanders (WA)
AdamTounkara1510PropMaryland Exiles (MD)
KyleVan Tonder1610Fly halfRocky Mountain HS Grizzly Bears (ID)
QuinlanVasey1711Back rowChuckanut Bay (WA)
AveryVignolle1610Back rowSanta Monica Dolphins (CA)
JoshuaWarnock1812LockPeninsula Green (CA)
NathanWatts1712PropDallas Harlequins (TX)
AustinWelsh1510Back rowCokethorpe School (England)
JohnWendling1611CenterChuckanut Bay (WA)
BaileyWilson1510Back rowUnited (UT)
EdwardWood1812Back rowBack Bay Sharks (CA)
NoahWright1610Scrum halfLiberty (WA)
MarcosYoung1711Fly halfKey Biscayne Rats (FL)
NicholasZimmer1611HookerSan Diego Mustangs (CA)