Approved In-Season Transfer Requests


    College Eligibility

    Are YOU eligible to participate at the collegiate level?
    When considering collegiate eligibility:

    ·   You must be enrolled fulltime at your college or university

    ·   You must be representing the institution to which you are enrolled

    ·   You must be in good standing as defined by the institution’s registrar

    ·   You must be an undergraduate or eligible for a graduate student waiver

    ·   You must not have competed for another collegiate rugby club during the current competitive cycle.    Exceptions may apply for 15s and 7s competition in the same cycle.

    Note- All D1A collegiate eligibility waivers and paperwork needs to be submitted to d1aeligibility@usarugby.org

    College Eligibility FAQs:

    When does my collegiate eligibility begin?
    Eligibility is a seven-year window that begins in the academic year immediately following a player’s high school graduation date during which a player may not participate more than five seasons.

    When does my eligibility begin if I attended school outside of the United States?
    Your eligibility will still be based on the date in which you graduated high school. Since international school date differ than those in America, an international student may only have half a year of eligibility.

    How do I request eligibility in the Sixth and/or the Seventh academic year following the date of my high school graduation?
    If you meet the criteria specified in Eligibility Regulation 4.3-a through 4.3.1 and have not already participated in college rugby for five seasons, you must submit a Waiver Request for eligibility prior to the start of playing any Qualifying games in the sixth, and if applicable, again in the seventh, academic year following date of your high school graduation.

    The Waiver Request must include a copy of your official college/university transcript with official documentation verifying your date of high school graduation (often posted on the official college transcripts).  See below regarding the Eligibility Waiver Process.  See below for definition of official transcripts.

    If you are beyond the seventh academic year immediately following the date of your high school graduation, you are not eligible to participate in Qualifying competition.  There are no exceptions to this policy. You may still participate in training with the club at your college/university, as well as participate in friendly/non-qualifying matches.  Any registered USA Rugby member may compete with compliant clubs in this fashion.

    Are there any extensions approved if I have not competed in five seasons, am still within the seven-year window following the date of my high school graduation, and am now pursuing a post-graduate degree (either an additional bachelor’s Degree or attending graduate school)?
    Yes, a student-athlete may maintain eligibility after completing and/or receiving an undergraduate degree if enrolled full time in post-graduate studies (graduate school or pursuance of an additional bachelor’s Degree), if they received their original undergraduate degree from a domestic (US) institution, and if all other collegiate eligibility standards have been met.

    Can I play rugby as a less than full time student?
    Only students that are within 2 academic terms may maintain college eligibility as a less than full time student. This requires a waiver with USA Rugby before a player would have college eligibility.
    May I play rugby for a school I do not attend?
    No. Regulation 4.3 (g) clearly states, “The student–athlete must play on the team representing the school in which he/she is enrolled.” The only circumstances in which you may play for a school that you don’t attend is if your school is part of an approved consortium agreement as defined by USA Rugby and you are enrolled specifically in the consortium agreement program(s).
    Can a player under the age of18 register with a college side? Can a player under 18 play front-row?
    Any player under the age of 18 years of age must submit a U18 college participation waiver prior to participation with the college side. This waiver should be submitted to eligibility@usarugby.org and only after approval is the player eligible. Any player under 19 years of age must submit a college participation waiver to play in the front row prior to participation with the college side. This waiver should be submitted to eligibility@usarugby.org and only after approval is the player eligible. Any player under 18 years of age is not eligible to play front-row regardless of waiver status.
    What is the eligibility waiver request process?
    For collegiate waiver requests, players must fill out the Collegiate Player Eligibility Waiver Request Form and submit it alongside a detailed and written statement, official transcripts, and any additional required documentation supporting the player’s case. Once the player has submitted all proper paperwork to USA Rugby, the case will be forwarded to the Collegiate Eligibility Committee, who approves or denies the request for a waiver.

    What are official transcripts and how do I obtain them?
    For official transcripts (as required for all collegiate eligibility waiver requests), documentation may be provided in the form of a sealed (unopened) copy of your official transcripts, a fax from your university’s registrar’s office (with clear understanding in the transmission line that this is where the transcript has originated from), or, where available, an encrypted e-mail from the registrar’s office. To have a collegiate eligibility waiver request considered, you must provide official transcripts from all colleges/universities of attendance. The Collegiate Eligibility Committee will not accept unofficial records or printouts of your class schedule, nor will it accept opened transcripts.
    My waiver request was denied. What now?
    Players who believe their due process was violated may file an appeal within seven (7) days of receiving their denial, but no later than five (5) days preceding an event for which eligibility is requested. Appellate cases are not a retrial of your case; they are a review of the process by which your case was handled. You may not introduce new evidence and/or new arguments during the appeals process unless it relates to your right to due process. To make an appeal, you must submit the appeals fees. If the original ruling is overturned by appeal, the fee will be returned to you.

    I moved and want to play for a new club. How do I transfer my registration?
    Players seeking to change clubs must submit a Transfer Request Form. Transfers will be confirmed in a timely manner once criteria have been satisfied. If there are eligibility concerns involving your transfer, you will be notified by USA Rugby. Transfers must be initiated prior to the specified deadline for transfers to senior clubs.

    I played in qualifying (league/conference and/or playoff) matches with my college club and wish to continue doing so with a senior club. What do I need to submit with my request for a waiver?
    If you played in a qualifying match, you must receive a waiver from USA Rugby before you are eligible to play in any league game with your new club. The request must be completed in full, and include a written personal statement, a written release (confirmation of no outstanding disciplinary or financial issues and approval to transfer) from your former club and the Union or Conference to which your former club belongs.  Transfers to senior clubs are only allowed if your college team has concluded their 15s season.

    How do I contact USA Rugby?
    You may contact USA Rugby by e-mailing the National Office at eligibility@usarugby.org or by calling 303.539.0300 x110. Please note that due to fluctuating email and call volumes response times vary. 

    • Club Requirements

      Good Standing

      In order to be in good standing with USA Rugby and, therefore, eligible to participate in sanctioned and postseason competition, a club must

      1. Be registered as a club for the current membership cycle
      2. Maintain a registered and Level 200 Certified coach on the club roster
      3. Maintain a roster minimum of nine players for sevens competition and fifteen players for fifteens competition
      4. Be considered in good standing with the college/university it represents and the conference or local governance of which it is a member
    • Player Eligibility

      Collegiate Eligibility Window and Participation Limit

      • Each student-athlete is provided with a seven year window of collegiate eligibility, beginning the academic year immediately following secondary school graduation
      • The graduation date of athletes awarded a Certificate of High School Equivalency is deemed to be the graduation date of his or her class, determined by the first year of high school enrollment
      • There are no exceptions made to the seven year window for collegiate rugby eligibility
      • During the seven year window, a student-athlete may participate in up to five years of college or adult rugby before expiring their collegiate eligibility
      • There are no exceptions made to the five year collegiate participation limit
      • All participation in an athlete’s sixth or seventh year following high school graduation requires a waiver of eligibility
      • Players must remain in compliance with all applicable amateur standards

      Enrollment Requirements

      • A student-athlete may only representing the school in which (s)he is enrolled in qualifying competition
      • Student-athletes must be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate in their first degree or certificate seeking program
      • Student-athletes must be in good-standing as defined by the university or college registrar
      • Those student-athletes in their final two undergraduate academic terms may carry less than a full-time academic load
        • Participation as a student enrolled less than full-time requires approval from the eligibility committee via waiver of eligibility
        • Participation as a student enrolled less than full-time requires a letter from the office of the registrar confirming that the student is a graduating senior
    • Consortium Agreements

      Participation under consortium agreement may be approved by the eligibility committee upon submission of an eligibility waiver request. It is the only circumstance in which an athlete can represent a school (s)he does not attend in qualifying competition. Consortium agreements between universities will be recognized by USA Rugby provided that:

      1. There is an academic connection between the universities; and
      2. The campuses are in reasonable geographic proximity; and
      3. There is a formal academic connection between the universities by which the student is considered to be enrolled on a full-time basis by the home Institution (the college fielding the rugby team). This status MUST be verified by the Registrar on the USA Rugby Roster form, prior to the student participating in any League/Qualifying match for the school. The player is considered to be ineligible for any League/Qualifying match for the school until this status has been confirmed by means of Registrar written or stamped approval. OR,
      4. There is a written agreement in place for all recreational club sports.
    • Graduate Participation

      A student-athlete may maintain eligibility after completing and/or receiving an undergraduate degree if that student-athlete is enrolled full-time in post-graduate studies (graduate school or pursuance of an additional bachelor’s degree) provided that the student has received their undergraduate degree from a domestic institution and falls within all other collegiate eligibility regulations.

      • All graduate participation in collegiate rugby requires approval from the eligibility committee via waiver of eligibility
    • Quarter System

      A student–athlete competing for an institution utilizing the quarter system is eligible through the National Championships of that Academic Year if he/she graduated at the end of the winter quarter.

      • Participation after graduation from an institution operating under the quarter system requires approval from the eligibility committee via waiver of eligibility
      • Participation after graduation from an institution operating under the quarter system requires a letter from the office of the registrar attesting to both utilization of the quarter system and winter quarter graduation, if not detailed on official transcripts
    • Collegiate Student-Athletes Under 18 & Under 19 Collegiate Student-Athletes Participating in the Front Row

    • At the onset of each membership cycle it is necessary to identify any U18 participants in your college rugby program and any U19 athletes that may participate in the front row. All such players must complete a U18/U19 Participation in College Rugby participation waiver. This waiver need be kept with all other club records for no less than three years to ensure insurance coverage for the participant and the club.


      Athletic or academic scholarships, work-study grants, or stipends are allowable under this provision for student-athletes that attend an institution for the purpose of participation with the rugby club or team in addition to their academic requirements.

      1. A foreign academy development contract player may receive actual and necessary living expenses and tuition assistance from the academy provided the player is enrolled full-time in an accredited educational institution and is in good-standing with the institution during the entire period for which the player is under contract. The player will not be eligible in any case if the enrollment with a USA college or university occurs in the last semester of the player’s potential USA Rugby collegiate eligibility.