Referee Development

The Referee tract will encompass be comprised of several avenues of education from non-contact to contact and a touch judge/assistant referee. 
The Foundations courses  will be required for all areas. 

Rugby Ready

Concussion Awareness

Safe Sport

Laws of the Game

Referee Contact


Level 1 Contact
- World Rugby Level 1 
 Level 1 Professional Development:
- Ref the Tackle
- The Scrum
- Lineout and Maul
- Managing Space

Level 2 Contact
World Rugby Level 2Level  2
 Level 2 Professional Development
- Foul Play
- Advantage
- Big Decisions
- Empathy and Materiality
- Shadow/Upscaling of higher level referee program

Level 3 Contact
 World Rugby Level 3
 Level  3  Professional Development 
-High Performance Camp
- International/Pro level shadowing program
- Attaining Balance
- Contextual Refereeing

Level 4/HighPerformance Contact
- Determined by performance and selection process
- Continued ongoing education including shadow/upscaling to highest level programs
- Feedback and Evaluation by High Performance Management Group

Non-Contact Levels will take participants from basic flag rugby for children to adult non-conact and contact development. 
Introduction to Referee Non-contact
Referee Adult Non-Contact 

The 7's Pathway is for referees who want higher level training in the 7's game and would like to access in that area. The first level will follow the normal contact curriculum. 
7's Referee Foundations
Level 1 7's Referee
World Rugby/USA Rugby Level 1 Referee for 15's and 7's
 World Rugby/USA Rugby Level 1 7's Referee
Level 2 7's Referee
 World Rugby/USA Rugby Level 2 Referee for Developing Match Officials 15's and 7's
  World Rugby/USA Rugby Level 2 7's Referee
Level 3 7's Referee
 World Rugby/USA Rugby Level 3 The Advancing Match Official 7's
Level 4 7's Referee
High Performance- Determined by on-field performance and by assignment by High Performance Referee Management Group.

The Coach of Match Officials tract is one for individuals who wish to develop referees at all levels. 
Foundations- Participant should also be well versed in laws of the game and have experience in coaching and/or the referee field. Both are preferable but not required.
Level 1 Coach of Match Officials
 Level 1 Coach of Match Officials
Level 2 Coach of Match Officials
 Level 2 Coach of Match Officials
Level 3 Coach of Match Officials
 Ongoing education from High Performance Referee Management Group. Regional level assignments
Level 4/High Performance Coach of Match Officials
 By assignment only of the High Performance Referee Management Group


Courses in your area

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Foundations of Refereeing

Level 1 Referee for 15's and 7'sLevel 2- the Developing Match Official for 15's and 7's Level 3

High Performance