What’s My Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Your path to college begins with good grades and it is vital you keep your grades up. Getting good grades demonstrates your interest in learning and your daily work ethic. This is typically the first critical factor a college admissions team will review when considering your application so give yourself the very best chance at admission and study hard every day!

What is a Core Course?

A core course must:

  • Be an academic course in one or a combination of these areas:
    • English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy.
  • Be four-year college preparatory; and
  • Be taught at or above your high school’s regular academic level (no remedial courses).


  • Not all classes you take to meet high school graduation requirements may be used as core courses.
  • Courses completed through credit-by-exam may not be accepted.
Repeating Core-Courses

Students may repeat a college-preparatory core course they previously failed or in which the student attained a less than satisfactory grade. The repeated course, if not the same course, is comparable to the regular course in length and content. Please confirm with your high school academic counselor (or other trusted academic advisor) to determine appropriate courses to ensure credit is received.

College Planning Resources:

If you are unsure of your core course Grade Point Average, please use one of the following easy calculators:

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