Technical Coaching

This section provides coaches with the ideal progressive manner in which to teach the basic fundamentals of the contact and set piece area.

Basic skills that are essential in rugby are found in many other popular sports. Athletes must be able to make and receive a pass, evade an opponent, create and use space to go forward, and learn to support each other so the continuous flow of the game is preserved. Aside from the Coaching Process, the technical aspect of teaching the game is the second most important step in becoming a better coach. Understanding what to teach your players and when to do so is crucial when they are first learning the game. Understanding and executing the basics are the key components to success.

USA Rugby in conjunction with the IRB and the National Team’s coaching staff has laid out the basic fundamentals in this section and suggestions on the various progressions used when introducing the game. A series of examples of coaching specific skills can be accessed by clicking on the links under Technical Coaching. Please watch each one, as coaches will be expected to have an understanding of how to coach these basic technical skills through implementing them in their practical assessments in Level 200.