Over $12,000 raised so far for Movember!

Movember Going Strong

The USA Rugby Networks on Movember.com have raised more than $12,000 to help accelerate cancer research.  So far, the Chiacgo Riot Rugby Football Club has raised the most of any team in the USA Rugby Network, so three cheers for the effort coming out of the Windy City!


Movember is a global campaign to raise awareness and funds for cancer.  All men sporting Mos become walking billboards to encourage proactive health and regular medical check ups.  Movember has raised more than $100 million for cancer research since its inception in 2003.  This year, all proceeds will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG.



The Eagles, who play Scotland 'A' on Friday November 19, have been very active in growing their mustaches (coaching staff included!) and soliciting donations to help this cause.  Many of the Eagles have touching personal stories about why they are involved.


Eagle hooker, Chris Biller, will be sporting the "Jack Clark" Mo (a tribute to his coach at Cal) to show his support for his close friends whose lives have been changed by cancer.  Two of Biller's close friends lost their fathers to cancer.  In college, one of his friends was diagnosed with testicular cancer and ended up beating the disease.  Growing a Mo is a great way to support those affected by cancer, and Biller is doing just that.


To donate, visit http://us.movember.com/mospace/network/usarugby.


To check out Movember events hosted by teams in the USA Rugby Network, check out the @Link("[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((586338094))", "Internal", "URI", "Event Calendar", " lo_id="586338094||586336662" lo_value="[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Links\\Content\\586338077\\586338094" lo_namepath="[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((586338094))" lo_type="Internal" lo_datatype="URI"").  Also, check out the @Link("[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((586338160))", "Internal", "URI", "Movember Album", " lo_id="586338160||586336662" lo_value="[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Links\\Content\\586338077\\586338160" lo_namepath="[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((586338160))" lo_type="Internal" lo_datatype="URI"") to gaze at some wondrously shocking Mo's from the USA Rugby staff!