ACC: Get Your "Rugby PhD"

Get Your "Rugby PhD": Apply for the Advanced Coaching Course

USA Rugby is now accepting applications for the 2011 Advanced Coaching Course (ACC).  Those admitted to the ACC will earn the highest coaching certification in the USA and will receive excellent instruction from IRB certified mentors and instructors.  Graduates will be able to make an enormous impact not only on their club and the lives and careers of their players, but on American rugby as a whole.


If you graduate from this year-long course, you'll pretty much have a doctorate in rugby coaching.  Women's National Team coaches Kathy Flores and Candy Orsini have all graduated from this program as has Men's National Team coach Dave Hodges.


This course is not for the weak and timid.  Applicants must provide references and complete "Developing Rugby Skills" as a prerequisite.  The course is designed so that each coach admitted to the ACC is assigned an IRB licensed and trained mentor who provides two on-site visits to a practice and constant feedback throughout the year.


Paul Keeler, Director of Rugby and Head Coach of the perennial Super League powerhouse San Francisco Golden Gate is an ACC graduate.  Since completing the ACC, Keeler's Golden Gate team has been in two back-to-back Super League finals and Keeler recognizes the course as a factor to his coaching success and the success of all of Golden Gate's sides.


"I am dedicated to developing youth through rugby and helping aspiring athletes to succeed to their highest potential. With that in mind, how can I expect a player to put in the effort to develop his game if, as a coach, I am not willing to do the same? The course work was challenging, but it definitely gave form to the process of coaching.


"I would suggest coaches take the course if possible because it can hopefully grow a coaching culture of sharing and mutual knowledge in the US.  The program will give coaches the tools to develop themselves and more importantly their players to achieve growth and success," said Keeler.


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