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Live from Chula Vista

After my short 4 month stint in Belfast I went home for Christmas and then moved to Denver, CO to live and train with teammate and fellow Iowan Mark Bokhoven. Time to gear up for the 7's!! One of my favorite times of the year. Open field running and tackling, traveling to exotic places and forever chasing summer time.


Camp is great, fantastic to see some of the old faces and catch up. What also makes it enjoyable is to see the new recruits in action. We also have some great raw talent nipping at the heels of the veterans.  I've enjoyed and been fortunate enough to be around 7's long enough to see many young guys develop and become great rugby players.  It's exciting times. It was a while ago (2001) when I was the fresh face on the 7's circuit trying to soak it all in and get up to speed.  It's exciting to be involved  right now and will still be exciting as this program develops more and more. I'm just sad that I won't be around playing for the 2016 Olympics. Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to be involved in some aspect, but no doubt it will still be an exciting time spectating.