Live from Chula Vista – Zach Pangelinan

What's going everyone??  It's Zach Pangelinan (propsize). I got chosen to do this blog due to not writing my weight on the chart. Thank you Macaulay Culkin aka David Williams for this opportunity to share my day at camp.


Where to start? We woke up at 6am and had to pee in a cup for Mr. Culkin to test our hydration levels. Afterwards, we headed down for a video session then we had some breakfast. Following breakfast was the A.M. training which went well. After training we got to sign some autographs for the little ruggers who had at tournament here. We ate lunch then P.M. training which also was really short and sharp. Finally I got to get on this blog and write about my exciting day at camp. Thanks again to Mr. Culkin for this opportunity.



Zach P