Rugger Targets Arctic Expedition

Rugby is about challenging yourself, setting goals, and doing everything you can to acheive them.  Some players aim to get to a national championship, international honors, or a World Cup.  But writer, photographer, and former Ohio rugby player, Lola Akinmade, is trying to get to the North Pole. 


Akinmade played for the UMBC Women's Club and founded the Cincy-Dayton Rugby Club for six years.  During that time, she served as an officer for the Ohio Rugby Union and earned select side honors with the union.  She then moved to Northern Virginia, where she represented NOVA before moving to Sweden where she currently lives and works as a writer and editor.


Quark Expeditions is holding a contest for a travel writer and photographer to go an an Arctic expedition to the North Pole and Lola is very much in the hunt.  She needs your votes though!  So show a rugger your support and vote for her!


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