Live from Wellington – Marco Barnard

Howzit?! Before I share the today's events, I'd just like to clarify something. Our readers might have been misled by our blog yesterday, as it indicated to our readers that Paul 'Father Time' Emerick and Matt "Polar Bear' Hawkins were the kings of the go-kart track.  That, of course, was all lies! As the tournament rules stated: "the fastest lap time will be crowned the champion..." So that means that Davey "I'm The Best At Excersising" Williams and Marco 'Tin-Tin' Barnard are the current go-kart champions. Davey was interviewed after the race and his only comment was " I live my life a quarter mile at a time."  So there you have it- the truth.


So back to business, the morning started with a video session, where we finalized our tactics for the weekend.  It was very productive, making sure everyone was on the same page and mentally going to be switched on for the opening kick-off against England.


Today we also participated in a parade through the streets of Wellington.   Before the parade even started, Colin 'Metro Man' Hawley was showcasing his dancing skills against the USA cheerleaders in the street.  Not to be outdone, Roland 'Where's the closest McDonalds' Suniula provided his own version of Beyonce's 'All The Single Ladies' on the float.  It was quite entertaining, especially watching all of the single boys handing out the Air NZ bead necklaces to the various girls of Wellington (Nu'u 'I Stretch My Hamstrings All The Time' Punimata, of course, refrained).  The parade ended with Colin being interviewed in front of a massive crowd, provided more laughs and clips for the highlight reel.


Tonight we had our final captains run.  It was short and very tuned in.  The weather is starting to turn and was overcast and very windy.  After the run, we went to Westpac Stadium to see where we will be playing.  The kickers were able to practice on the field while our star quarterback Matt 'I throw like a girl' Hawkins and Zach 'Just By A Nose' Test were seen running a few 'not-so-hot' routes.


We are all very excited for the opening kick-off against England tomorrow.  Thanks for all of the support and we hope to do America proud.