Women's College Strategic Committee Announced

USA Rugby announces seating of Women's College Strategic Committee


USA Rugby has appointed a Women's College Strategic Committee(WCSC) to create a plan for the growth of women's collegiate rugby.  The WCSC, drawn from women's collegiate coaching ranks, has stated a vision intended to launch women's collegiate rugby successfully into the NCAA, and to also provide a robust competition structure for those programs that prefer to retain club status.


There are currently five varsity women's rugby programs in the Unites States, including West Chester University, Eastern Illinois University, Norwich University, Bowdoin College, and the most recent addition to the varsity ranks, Quinnipiac University.  Varsity women's rugby is currently on the NCAA Emerging Sports list and the newly-formed WCSC will work towards full NCAA status for women's rugby.

Because of the NCAA opportunity, the WCSC believes women's collegiate rugby should be positioned as the centerpiece of women's rugby in the United States.  The opportunity for athletic scholarships will draw youth and high school athletes into the sport of rugby, while the existence of a high level collegiate competition structure will produce elite rugby players capable of sustainable excellence on an international stage.

In addition to establishing rugby as a fixture in college athletic departments, the WCSC also endeavors to develop knowledgeable, high-performing coaches and officials devoted to continually raising the standard of play.  


The WCSC will work with club teams, coaches, athletic directors and conference directors to achieve this dual reorganization.


Members of the committee are:

Chair: Sue Parker, Navy

Co-Chair: MaryBeth Mathews, Bowdoin

Annemarie Farrell, Ithaca

Kerri Heffernan, Brown

Jonathan Griffin, Stanford

Ellen Owens, California

The WCSC will report to the College Management Council with Parker serving as a non-voting member of the Council.ac


Further Information:

Todd Bell | Director of Collegiate Rugby | USA Rugby | tbell@usarugby.org | 972-825-6686