Live from Chula Vista - Roland Suniula

The boys have so far worked hard the last couple of days and to continue on to that we started the morning off with a field session at 7 a.m. Focusing on skills and mechanics the boys trained really well maintaining good intensity and focus to end the first part of the morning session on a good note and kick the day off to a good start.


Second training session was a little more team specific focusing on set pieces and defensive and offensive patterns. It was really positive to see the boys carry on the same intensity from the morning onto to this session.


After lunch and a little break we had the pleasure of having Peter Habrel speak to us again on mental skills. After being put through some fun exercises he went on to express the importance of maintaining focus while under pressure. Sticking to the fundamentals and going back to what you have control of and thats the basics. 


After that, the boys booted up for the last field session of the day where the boys were put through some extensive defensive and offensive drills highlighting work rate and intensity.  The lads finished the day on a positive note ready to recover, recuperate and rest to do it all over again.....tomorrow!


Till then,