CPD: Round 6 Results

College Premier Division - Week 6 Scores and Stats


The results from Week 6 play led to no changes at the top of the Division standings; Cal, BYU, Arkansas State, Army and Navy all remained undefeated in CPD play, although Navy had quite the test from a very good Kutztown team.  


In Mid-South play, LSU received their first CPD victory behind a hat-trick by Jarek Savage, while Life bounced back from a tough defeat to Arkansas State last week with a big win over Notre Dame.


In the Rugby East Division, Ohio State obtained every one of their 19 points in a loss to Penn State through the grit of Gareth Willatt, while Army witnessed yet another outstanding performance from Ben Leatigaga who also had a hat-trick.


In the "Barnburner" Cal easily defeated St. Mary's 60-34.  Three Golden Bears tallied a pair of tries as Cal clinched the Pacific Conference title on Sunday in Moraga.  

CPD Statistical Leaders through Week 6:

Tries: Ryan Roundy, BYU; 17 tries

Conversions: Shaun Davies, BYU; 41 conversions

Penalty Kicks: William Holder, Army; 8 Penalty Kicks 

Drop Goals: Four players tied with one each.






Arizona State 27 Wyoming 0
Tries: Sandstrom (2), Hughes, Johnston none
Conversions: Bulkley (2) none
Penalty Kicks: Bulkley none
Bookings: none none


Utah 50 Colorado 22
Tries: Kimball, Fivas, Loser (2), T.Lauti, S. Lauti Curtis, Tuineau Lahman, Brennan, Barry (2)
Conversions: S. Lauti (5) Bricca
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Lomu, Peterson (yellows) none


BYU 70 Arizona 12
Tries: Lubbe, Webber, Roundy (2), Whippy, Leaaetoa (3), Tilialo, Vimahi (2), Wiscombe none
Conversions: Davies (4), Webber none
Penalty Kicks: none Getzler (4)
Bookings: none none


Air Force 46 Colorado State 10
Tries: Schuetze, Gallagher (2), Ruize, Ollis, Warfield, Kinderwater Vieira
Conversions: Cleveland (4) Walker

Penalty Kicks: Cleveland

Bookings: Gallagher Karas



San Diego State 45 UC Davis 19
Tries: Kelm (2), Colla, Freeman, Shea (2), Hicks Silva, Harrison, Shively 
Conversions: Kelm (5) Harrison (2)
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Maypole (yellow) none


UCLA 24 Claremont 10
Tries: Martini (2), Bragg, McKillen,  Bellinger, Bennett
Conversions: Pritchard (2) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Murphy (yellow) none


Cal 60 St. Mary's 34
Tries: D. Barrett (2), Bailes, Kelly, Scully (2), Muhn (2), Rooke Cook, Wallace, Heath, Brophy, Brewer
Conversions: Bailes (6) Brewer (2), Heath
Penalty Kicks: Bailes Heath
Bookings: none none


Life 56 Notre Dame 3
Tries: Macdonald, Lambert, Grossheider, Dolan (2), Hollis, Cowley (2) none
Conversions: Cowley (5) none
Penalty Kicks: Cowley (2) Peterson 
Bookings: none none


LSU 39 Oklahoma 5
Tries: Ammerman, Savage (3), Blamemore, Wisecarver Wilkinson
Conversions: Alongi (3) none
Penalty Kicks: Alongi none
Bookings: none Immel, Bachman (yellows)


Arkansas St. 70 Tennessee 23
Tries: Swanepoel (2), Potgieter (2), Bates (2), Paterson, Gericke (2) Wilson, Wheeler
Conversions: Sullivan (8) Wood (2)
Penalty Kicks: Sullivan (3) Wood (3)
Bookings: none none


Navy 24 Kutztown 20
Tries: Wilson, Burge, Szoch, Bova Frederick, Jessell, Cress
Conversions: Arnsberger (2) Acker
Penalty Kicks: none Acker
Bookings: Varvoutis (yellow) Intrieri (yellow)


Army 40 Delaware 13
Tries: Leatigaga (3), Holder, Moten,  Hughes, Sanchez
Conversions: Holder (3) none
Penalty Kicks: Palmer, Holder (2) Kowalski
Bookings: Warner (yellow) none


Penn State 22 Ohio State 17
Tries: Metcalf, Karas, Hellmann Willatt (2)
Conversions: Baker (2) Willatt (2)
Penalty Kicks: Baker Willatt
Bookings: none none


Dartmouth 34 Rutgers 31
Tries: Hogg, Lehmann, Jarvis, Brakeley, Downer Rubenstein, Roblin, Murray, Presby, Taylor
Conversions: Fish (3) Beal (3)
Penalty Kicks: Fish Willatt
Bookings: Fish (yellow) none

CPD Week 7 Schedule (all times local to site)


Rugby East

Army at Ohio State (1 pm)
Navy at Dartmouth (1 pm)
Rutgers at Penn State (1 pm)
Delaware at Kutztown (1:30 pm)
LSU at Tennessee  (1 pm)
Notre Dame at Arkansas State (1 pm)
Colorado State at Arizona (noon)
Air Force at Utah (1 pm)
Colorado at Wyoming (1 pm)               


Claremont at San Diego State (noon)                                                                                                                                

Cal Poly at UC Davis (1 pm)                                                                                                                                        

St. Mary's at Central Washington (1 pm)


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