WRS, All Blacks Partner up for Christchurch

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MARCH 31, 2011 - On February 22, 2011, the world was shocked by news of the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake. The timing of the 6.3-magnitude quake could not have come at a worse time. The quake struck at lunchtime in New Zealand when office buildings were full and streets were packed. As a result, nearly 200 hundred people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured.  Damages have been estimated to be in then billions of dollars. World Rugby Shop.com and its partner companies sought out a way that they, their employees and their customers could help in the relief effort.

With the combined efforts of the iRB, adidas and the New Zealand All Blacks, World Rugby Shop is raising funds for the rebuilding efforts with the sale of the All Blacks 2011 Rugby World Cup Christchurch Relief Polo. 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to Christchurch Relief via The Red Cross and The American New Zealand Association, Inc. (ANZA), which is an organization that funds educational programs for youth and schools in New Zealand.


The All Blacks Polo is unique and exclusive to the effort in North America. A true collectors item.


Purchasing this polo allows rugby fans around the world to help the people affected by the deadly earthquake and provides a substantial and meaningful way to support one another no matter where they live or where the need is.


Bernard Frei, CEO of World Rugby Shop, said "The Rugby family is a community. New Zealand has been a magnificent contributor to the Rugby family over the years and it is right that we all get involved to do our part to support Christchurch, now. America is a wonderful, giving nation and the level of interest in helping out has been incredible. I'm glad that the iRB, All Blacks, adidas and World Rugby Shop were able to help to get this initiative off the ground. I'd also like to thank our World Rugby Shop customers who have been unflinching in their support of the global rugby community over the years".


In the past, through similar disaster relief fundraisers, World Rugby Shop raised over $28,000 for the rugby community in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and with its parent company has raised over $350,000 for 9/11 survivors, Haitian citizens and the people of Chile and Japan.  World Rugby Shop is committed to supporting the worldwide rugby community and important humanitarian efforts around the globe and with your support we can all make a difference in these difficult times.


If you would like to purchase your All Blacks Rugby World Cup Christchurch Relief Polo, please visit www.WorldRugbyShop.com.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to speak with Kristin Harlan, email kharlan@365-inc.com, or call 205-323-3755.