College Rugby Academic Honor Roll

For Immediate Release

July 1, 2011


USA Rugby Announces 2011 College Academic Honor Roll


BOULDER, Colo. --Sixty-five student-athletes from 30 schools have been named to the first USA Rugby College Academic Honor Roll.


The Honor Roll is a new initiative by USA Rugby's College Department to recognize rugby student-athletes who excel in the classroom. To be eligible for recognition a student-athlete must by an A-side player with a 3.70 cumulative GPA and be a junior, senior or 5th year senior academically in at least their second season of competition at their current school.


Student-athletes were nominated by their head coach or team president and had to agree to submit a current transcript in order to be considered for the list. All nominees who met the criteria were named to the list.


2011 USA Rugby Men's College Academic Honor Roll


Name                           School                   Cl.      Position         Major

John Nickerson              Air Force                 Jr.       Prop/Lock        Political Science

Kebin Umodu                 Air Force                 Jr.       Prop                Computer Science

Michael Manna               Arizona St.               Jr.       Scrumhalf        Business/Finance

Paul Raath                     Arkansas St.            Sr.       Flanker            International Business

Jonathan Bill                  Bowling Green         Jr.       Wing               Construction Technology         

Ben Marshall                  Bowling Green         Sr.       Scrumhalf        Science Education

Matt Howe                     Coastal Carolina       Sr.       Lock                Marine Science

Nicholas Leger               Coastal Carolina       Sr.       Flanker            History

Nate Brakeley                Dartmouth               Jr.       Lock                Engineering

Chirs Downer                 Dartmouth               Sr.       Wing               Asian Middle Eastern Studies

Victor Galson                 Dartmouth               Sr.       Wing               Philosophy

Clark Judge                   Dartmouth               Jr.       Wing               Biology

William Lehmann           Dartmouth               Jr.       Center             History

James Burbage              Georgetown (D.C.)   Sr.       Flanker            History

Nicholas Shephard          Georgetown (D.C.)   Sr.       Flanker            Human Science

DesRaj Clark                 Hampden-Sydney     Jr.       No. 8               Biology

Frank Rose                    Hampden-Sydney     Jr.       Hooker            Psychology

Ian Blair                        Indiana                   Jr.       Flanker            English

Samuel Dunton              Indiana                   Jr.       Center             Entrepreneurship

Jay Hirsh                       Indiana                   Jr.       Fullback           Marketing

Evan Kaufman               Indiana                   Jr.       Center             Economic Consulting

Steve Ferina                  Iona                        Sr.       No. 8               Finance

Colin Murray                  Iona                        Sr.       Lock                Marketing

Dan Garces                   Marquette                5th       Lock                Mechanical Engineering

David Bray                    Notre Dame             Sr.       No. 8               Pre-Med/History

Andrew Mullen               Notre Dame             Sr.       Flanker            Civil Engineering

James Suber                  Principia                  Sr.       Scrumhalf        History

Michael Cotton               Rutgers                   Jr.       Lock                Pre-Business

Kyle Dizeo                     Rutgers                   Jr.       Wing               History/English

Jason Prestinario            Stanford                  Sr.       Prop                Mechanical Engineering

Chris Riklin                    Stanford                  Sr.       Hooker            Political Science

Billy Vernon                   Stanford                  Sr.       Flanker            Economics

Matthew Graham           Stony Brook             Sr.       Lock                Chemical & Molecular Engineering

Lucas Herrera                Tennessee               Sr.       Prop                Electrical Engineering

Stephen Mahoney           Texas                      Sr.       Center             Psychology

Michael Sierra-Arevalo    Texas                      Jr.       Flanker            Psychology

Taylor Foster                 Wayne St. (Neb.)     Jr.       Center             Communications

Nolan Perrsons              Wayne St. (Neb.)     Jr.       Wing               Pre-Pharmacy

Michael Parlato              West Florida            Jr.       Scrumhalf        Electrical Engineering



2011 USA Rugby Women's College Academic Honor Roll


Name                           School                   Cl.      Position         Major

Hannah Edwards            Cal                          Jr.       Lock                Political Science

Maria Andrea Oliva         Cal                          Sr.       Hooker            Public Health

Nha Vu                          Cal                          Jr.       Wing               Psychology

Colleen Carey                Colorado                 Jr.       No. 8               Anthropology

Emily Spangler               Colorado                 Jr.       Scrumhalf        Environmental Engineering

Tana Mackenzie Guy      Florida                    Jr.       Flanker            Industrial & Systems Engineering

Marian Maloney             Florida                    Sr.       Lock                English and Spanish

Kristi Jackson                 Lady Cougars          Sr.       Center             Nursing

Monica Jackson              Lady Cougars          Jr.       Prop                Nursing

Keilani Paul                    Lady Cougars          Sr.       Prop                Neuroscience

Karen Ellrod                   Mary Washington     Sr.       Flyhalf             Psychology & Philosophy

Morgane Grivel              Maryland                 Sr.       Flanker            Aerospace Engineering

Aubrey Blanche              Northwestern           Sr.       Hooker            Political Science

Charlotte Eilbert             Stanford                  Sr.       Scrumhalf        Economics

Frances Wehrwein         Stanford                  Jr.       Flanker            Psychology

Katie Valli                      Truman St.              Sr.       Flyhalf             English

Carlye Marszalek           Truman St.              Jr.       Prop                Exercise Science

Julia Nissen                   Vassar                    Sr.       Center             Latin America & Latino Studies

Jennifer Becker              Wayne St. (Neb.)     Sr.       No. 8               Elementary Education

Ashley Belmer               Wayne St. (Neb.)     Sr.       Flyhalf             Physical Education

Hailey Hanson               Wayne St. (Neb.)     Jr.       Prop                Criminal Justice

Amber Kutnink               Wayne St. (Neb.)     Jr.       Flanker            Pre-Med

Rochelle Reinke             Wayne St. (Neb.)     Sr.       Scrumhalf        Exercise Science

Emily Witte                    Wayne St. (Neb.)     Sr.       Flanker            Exercise Science

Caitlin Froh                    Winona St.               Sr.       Center             Nursing

Lily Wellenstein              Winona St.               Jr.       Scrumhalf        Recreation & Tourism