HSAA’s Tame Tygerberg


HSAAs tame Tygerberg


The High School All-Americans improved to 2 -1 on their South African tour with 25-14 win over Tygerburg Rugby Club just outside of Cape Town.


The match was a contrast of styles, with the bigger and stronger All-Americans squaring off against a speedy and skilled Tygerberg, a U-18 club coming from an underprivileged neighborhood. After hearing of the 71-0 defeat the HSAAs put on the Durban Development team just a week earlier, Tygerberg bolstered their side with some larger U-19 & U-20 players.


The added heft from Tygerberg didn't matter though as the HSAAs struck first when lock Christian Castro picked the ball of the base of a ruck and drove 4 meters for a 5-0 lead. Zach Miller's conversion was no good, but he would have another chance to add points with a successful penalty kick, putting the Tourists up 8-0 15 min in.


The match would be a constant back and forth from there as Tygerberg's speed proved to give the HSAA defense fits. The home side would capitalize on a botched HSAA lineout to score a try and bring the game within a point. But Miller would add another penalty before the half whistle to give the HSAAs an 11-7 lead.


Tygerberg would get out of the gates early in the second half using their blistering pace to weave through the American defense and take a 14-11 lead. The lead would be brief however as Miller would add another HSAA try via some impressive backline play to take the 18-14 lead.


Reserve Hooker Cameron Falcon would seal the victory for the All-Americans with a try in the 57th minute off a pick and drive. Sione Aisea would convert to bring up the final score of 25-18.


The HSAAs finish their South African Tour on Thursday when they are hosted by Durbanville High School with a match and post game braai.



Castro - (5')

Miller - (42')

Falcon - (57')



Miller - 1

Aisea - 1


Penalty Kicks

Miller - 2


Boy's High School All-Americans

1 Colin Snyder

2 Jeff Calzaretta

3 Peyton Lauber

4 Christian Castro

5 Brendan Hardiman

6 Teli Veamatahu

7 Rick Korvick

8 Blake Simons

9 Charlie Hutchings

10 Sione Aisea

11 Jesse Milne

12 Bear Albritton

13 Gavin Brown

14 Matt Chipman

15 Zach Miller