SoCal Men Claw Past West

In the men's final, a very physical first half saw West with a 7-0 lead at halftime.  Hunter Leland hit a gap at pace and scored straight under the sticks capitalizing on SoCal being out of rhythm and unable to match the West's intensity.

A few small mistakes for the West halted any momentum they started to attain in the second half and SoCal smelled blood in the water.

Fluidity crept back into SoCal's game in the second half, spurred by a nice score by Apelu Soialo, but a highlight reel try by Ed McKenna was an ominous sign that SoCal was regaining its composure in the most lethal of ways. 

MVP Peter Sio was rewarded for his solid distribution and aggressive defense with a try in the final moments and kicked the ball straight out of bounds with his conversion attempt to enthusiastically seal the victory.

SoCal 19

Tries: Sio, Soialo, McKenna

Cons: Sio (2)



West 7

Tries: Leland

Cons: de Achaval