WCAA Touring Side Beats All-Canada

Photo: Kimber Rozier of UNC-Chapel Hill who had 18 points in Sunday's victory

Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side Defeats CIS All-Canada Team


Boulder, Colo. - The 2011 Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side faced the CIS All-Canada team on Sunday in the Can-Am Tournament and narrowly escaped with a 23-21 victory that went down to the final minutes. 


The two days in between the All American's last match with the Canadian team proved invaluable, as they were able to produce 20 points Sunday against the 3 points they earned Thursday.  Flyhalf, Kimber Rozier, led the way for the Women's All-American Touring Side as she accumulated 18 points throughout the match. 


Rozier's first points came early on when in the eighth minute she was able to touch down and give the WCAA their first lead of Can-Am play.  Her conversion brought the score to 7-0.


Faced with their first deficit in two matches, the CIS team quickly responded with a try and conversion by winger, Magali Harvey in the 15th minute.  This was Harvey's second try in as many matches and it leveled the score through the first quarter of play. 


The All Americans answered the Canadians try within 7 minutes and regained the lead when lock, Wendy Sherman, was able to power her way through the CIS defense on her way to the try zone.  Kimber Rozier nailed her second conversion of the day and brought the score to 14-7 in favor of the Americans. 


Rozier's foot was steady throughout the entire first half; she made two conversions and in the 26th and 34th minutes she made two penalty kicks that stretched the US ladies lead to 13 points heading into the waning minutes of the first half. 


The All American defense was on point throughout the remainder of the first half until Katie O'Malley, outside center for CIS, scampered in for a try with no time left on the first half clock; the Harvey conversion brought the score to 20-14 in favor of the All Americans at the half. 


The next 20 minutes of play was a back and forth affair seeing multiple possession changes but no scoring.  That was until the 64th minute when CIS flyhalf, Kate Foulds, scored a try to put the score at 20-19 with the conversion to come.  Magali Harvey made the crucial kick and the Canadians took a 20-21 lead heading into the last 15 minutes of play. 


With the pressure mounting and time running out, the All Americans morphed into early match form and forced CIS to commit a penalty in the 72nd minute. 


Up steps Kimber Rozier with what would likely be the last penalty attempt for the Americans of the game.  Cool as a cucumber, she nailed the penalty to give the WCAA a 23-21 lead with just 7 minutes to play.  This monumental kick proved insurmountable for CIS and the Americans ended the match as the victors, 23-21. 


Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side

15 Katie Lorenz (UNC-Chapel Hill)

14 Rebekah Siebach (BYU)

13 Katie O'Malley (Stonehill)

12 Ryan Carlyle (South Carolina)

11 Tyra McGrady (Indiana)

10 Kimber Rozier (c) (UNC-Chapel Hill)

9 Alyssa Baccarella (MIT)

1 Nwakaego Onyekwere (Penn St.)

2 Rachel Ryan (Wyoming)

3 Elizabeth Fierman (Northeastern)

4 Morgan Johnson (North Dakota State)

5 Wendy Sherman (Colorado State)

6 Joanna Kitlinski (Grand Valley State)

7 Kendra Klump (MSU-Mankato)

8 Laura Miller (St. Mary's College of Md)



16 Justina DeBruzzi (St. Thomas)

17 Brittany Houston (UW-Milwaukee)

18 Melissa Krug (Univ. Minnesota-Twin Cities)

19 Rebekah Knappe (Colorado State)

20 Kyle Armstrong (Penn State)

21 Evelyn Ashenbrucker (UC San Diego)


Women's Collegiate All-Americans

Tries: Rozier (8'), Sherman (22')

Conversions: Rozier (2)

Penalties: Rozier (26', 34', 72')


Substitutions: Ashenbrucker on for Johnson (53'), DeBruzzi on for O'Malley (62'), Houston on for Baccarella (66') 


CIS All-Canadian Team

15 Lisa Gauthier (St. Francis Xavier)

14 Jennifer Shotbolt (Univ. of Western Ontario)

13 Shannon Court (Univ. of Lethbridge)

12 Rachel McMaster (Univ. of Western Ontario)

11 Magali Harvey (St. Francis Xavier)

10 Kate Foulds (Univ. of Ottawa)

9 Susan Heald (Queen's Univ.)

1 Briana Cunningham (Univ. of Waterloo)

2 Mary-Jane Kirby (Guelph Univ.)

3 Elie Papineau (Univ. Laval)

4 Abby Goodwin (Univ. of Victoria)

5 Randi Hunter (Univ. of Victoria)

6 Lea Leahy (Concordia Univ.)

7 Jessica Jacobs (St. Francis Xavier)

8 Sam Eyles (Univ. of Waterloo)



16 Sumara Profit (Univ. of Prince Edward Island)

17 Steffany Hoffman (Univ. of Alberta)

18 Chelsea Waldie (Univ. of Prince Edward Island)

19 Cameron Hobbs (Univ. of Alberta)

20 Elizabeth Mackinnon (Univ. of Calgary)

21 Andrea Wadsworth (Queen's Univ.)

22 Natasha Watcham-Roy (Univ. of Ottawa)


CIS All-Canadians

Tries: Harvey (14'), Court (40'), Foulds (64)

Conversions: Harvey (3)

Penalties: none


Substitutions: Hobbs on for Goodman (52'), Hoffman on for Hunter (52'), Waldie on for Court (60')