Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Delivers Enhanced Game Play

Crouch! Touch! Pause! Engage! Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge for Xbox 360 is the new title by award winning New Zealand based games developer Sidhe. Rugby Challenge features Jonah Lomu, long regarded as the first true global superstar of rugby union. Experience the emotion and adrenaline of world class rugby union from club rugby through to international competition. Exclusively featuring the All Blacks, Wallabies,and USA Eagles the game also includes 91 teams for intense 4 versus 4 multiplayer competitions. Create your own players and teams including an all Jonah Lomu squad. All the passion, all the power, all the precision of the world's best rugby players comes together in the most advanced rugby game ever made.


Developed using extensive input from one of the greatest rugby players of all time, Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge showcases 93 teams and provides 31 stadiums for players to score tries in. With a wealth of single-player modes and customization options, plus clashes via the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network, Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge offers gamers an unrivalled Xbox 360 rugby experience.


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When renowned New Zealand game developer, Sidhe, set out to create the first Jonah Lomu game since 1997, they did so in conjunction with Jonah himself. Trading days on the pitch wearing a uniform for days in the studio wearing a motion-capture suit, Jonah provides gamers with the chance to play as one of the most dominant forces to ever compete in the sport. You can even create your own dream team and choose to have Jonah as all 15 members of your squad.


Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge features teams from various international competitions such as the Bledisloe Cup Series, AU/NZ Super Rugby teams, Aviva Premiership Rugby, TOP 14 Orange, RaboDirect PRO12, ITM Cup, Ranfurly Shield and more. Although there are some inconsistencies and some robotic feed back from the commentators, the game itself allows the player to interact with their team and the environment in an unprecedented manner. The player can experience open play and set pieces with dynamic game-play that sets them against a responsive AI in which the player can dummy pass, side step, or accelerate into tackles. The first game of its kind, Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge gives the player complete control over the rugby itself, from angles and pressure in scrums, to drawing defenders and off loading in the tackle.


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Players can also experience the more detailed side of international rugby. Extensive customization options provide total control over player accessories, appearance and fitness; team emblems, names and home stadiums; competition formats, trophies and point structures, and more. With an in-depth system to adjust nearly every aspect of the game, the possibilities for customization are limitless.


Dynamic presentation delivers a true to life on-field rugby experience with enhanced replay angles, lifelike cut-scenes, rich sound, and real-time commentary from seasoned rugby commentator, Grant Nisbett, and former All Blacks halfback, Justin Marshall.


Training mode helps those new to the sport easily get up to speed with essential rugby rules, moves and terms, while career mode allows you to control your own team's destiny over the course of 13 action-packed seasons. Jump into a quick single match, or battle in a host of extended competitions like the World Rugby Championship and ITM Cup.


Another fun feature of the game is the unprecedented online action that Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge provides. Pit your rugby skills against online foes in multiplayer matches featuring support for up to 4 versus 4 via Xbox LIVE. With leaderboards which rank your overall point total and also your reliability in completing online matches, you'll always know just how you stack up against fellow rugby gamers across the globe. Being able to play against people from around the world is just one aspect of the new multi-player experience of Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge. A player can also enjoy co-op game play with a friend, where one team can have multiple players on it and friends can truly play the game as if they were on the field together.


Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge sets the bar high for rugby video games and has launched rugby into the gaming world with unseen features and enjoyable game play. The new game from Sidhe will bring the intensity and excitiement of international rugby into the hands of anyone who steps up to the challenge.


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