KU Rugby Joins in Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Kutztown University Rugby and their sponsors have joined the fight against childhood cancer by donating money to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley for every rugby match they win.


On September 24, 2011 the Kutztown University Rugby team joined the fight against childhood cancer by teaming with a local sponsor to help raise and donate funds to effected families in the area. Three families, each with children suffering from a type of childhood cancer, received funds totaling $5,200.00 at an assembly attended by the Kutztown Rugby Team and their sponsor CMI Plastics. The Golden bears and CMI Plastics, whose CEO is an alumnus of Kutztown University and former member of their rugby club, joined together last year to form Victory for a Cause (VFC). VFC is a project directed at donating $100 to the local Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley for every victory the team records throughout a year.


The team's twenty-nine victories in the 2010-11 rugby season allowed Victory for a Cause to give $2,900 to families suffering with the horrible disease. The rest of the money which was given to the families at the VFC assembly was raised by members of the rugby team through individual and team-wide fundraising events. The largest of these events was a team weight-lifting competition where a quarter of the proceeds were directed towards Victory for a Cause.


The Kutztown University Rugby team presented the money to families of three local children all diagnosed with a different type of cancer. The Golden Bears took pictures, signed autographs and even played catch with the brave kids as tears and smiles were shared throughout the afternoon. Each child present was also inducted into the team as an honorary player for the upcoming season.


 The Golden bears and CMI Plastics will continue to represent Victory for a Cause and will display a specially made banner complete with VFC's logo and the pictures and hand prints of each child. So now as the 2012 season gets under way the Kutztown University Rugby team can find deeper meaning to their work on and off the field in pursuit of continuing their service and helping these children with every victory.