Pan-Am Games Rugby


2011 Pan-Am Games


On October 29-30, Team USA will have 12 Olympic rugby hopefuls in its midst.  For the first time, the USA Men's Eagle Sevens team will compete on the international stage.  They will join the ranks of gold medalist Summer Olympians, Paralympians, at the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Team USA's rugby team is among 23 Olympic sports that currently enjoy an elite world ranking.  Currently the USA is ranked #12 in the world, showing drastic improvement every year.  




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Meet the 2011 Pan-Am Team





Team USA 2011 Pan-American Games Squad
Mark Bokhoven (Denver Barbarians; Ames, Iowa)
Colin Hawley (Olympic Club of San Francisco; Trowbridge, Calif.)
Rocco Mauer (Chicago Lions; Cleveland, Ohio)
Folau Niua (San Francisco Golden Gate; East Palo Alto, Calif.)
Milemoti Pulu (San Francisco Golden Gate; East Palo Alto, Calif.)
Nu'u Punimata (Old Puget Sound Beach; Seattle, Wash.)
Blaine Scully (Unattached; Sacramento, Calif.)
Roland Suniula (Boston; Boston, Mass.)
Shalom Suniula (Belmont Shore; San Diego, Calif.)
Zack Test (At Large; Palo Alto, Calif.)
Peter Tiberio (University of Arizona; Naperville, Ill.)
Maka Unufe (Utah Warriors; Provo, Utah)
Head Coach Al Caravelli (Ridgefield, Conn.)
Asst Coach Dave Williams (Denver, Colo.)
Video Analyst Paul Goulding(Aspen, Colo.)
Physio/TC Kristen Douhan (Denver, Colo.)
Medical Physician Dr. Hamish Kerr (Albany, N.Y.)




Pool A
Mexico (A4) Argentina (A1) Uruguay (A2) Guyana (A3)  


Pan-Am Fixtures


Day 1

October 29, 2011