Collegiate Director Steps Down

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2012


Collegiate Director Steps Down


BOULDER, Colo. -- USA Rugby confirmed today that Todd Bell has stepped down from his role as Collegiate Director for the Union, effective immediately.  USA Rugby will seek to fill the vacant position as soon as possible.


The incoming director will be charged with continuing to develop and refine the college conference structure, drive USA Rugby's @Link("[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((677657656))", "Internal", "URI", "NCAA Women's Emerging Sports Initiative", " lo_id="677657656||677657366" lo_value="[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Links\\Content\\640786078\\677657656" lo_type="Internal" lo_datatype="URI" lo_namepath="[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((677657656))""), and improve college rugby on all levels generally.


The college game is undergoing a thorough restructuring in order to continue to improve the level of play at the collegiate level.  


Developments over the last two years include the transition to a conference structure, the launch of the first-ever elite conference based Men's Division I college rugby competition, and  the inaugural USA Rugby College Sevens National Championships.


USA Rugby CEO, Nigel Melville said, "We would like to thank Todd for his efforts in moving the collegiate game forward.  We wish him the best of luck in any future endeavors." 


The job description and application for USA Rugby Collegiate Director will be posted @Link("[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((651110654))", "Internal", "URI", "here", " lo_id="651110654||677657366" lo_value="[Application]\\Structure\\Content\\Links\\Content\\23181D59-1321-B5ED-CC22-84D05A126C9D\\21D941AB-12BC-A5C7-9D3F-FB229309ED88\\651110654" lo_type="Internal" lo_datatype="URI" lo_namepath="[#This.#NamePath]::~~Link~~((651110654))"") in the coming days.