Empire GU Names Officers

Empire GU Bylaws adopted and interim officers elected

The newly formed Empire RFU GU, comprised of teams located within New York State and those clubs formerly within the Metropolitan New York RFU and New York State Rugby Conference LAUs, held elections for Executive Board Officers. The elected officers, whose term will be through December, 2012 are as follows:

President: Gary Heavner
Vice President Operations: Oscar Prue
Vice President Communications: Renee Ovrut
Vice President Finance: Michael Crafton
Executive Director: Referees: Brad Kleiner
Executive Director: Men: Kyle Antoian
Executive Director: Women: Sarah Litt
Executive Director: College: Eke Aiono
Executive Director: Sevens: Sean Horan

There will be committees under each of these Executive Board members and the individuals in those positions will be on the Empire RFU GU Board and help steer the direction of the new GU. If there is interest in serving on any committees, please send a note to Renee Ovrut (renee@metnyrfu.org) regarding interest.

The Board also voted to approve the proposed bylaws for the GU and, as next orders of business, will finalize competitions for Fall 2012 league season and look to hire a part-time Paid Administrator (details and job posting to be released shortly).