RSL in final stages of regular season

Week 8 of the Rugby Super League season has Old Blue at Life University, NYAC at Boston and Chicago Griffins at San Francisco Golden Gate.


Old Blue at Life University, Marietta, GA, 1pm EDT.

Life University needs a win to keep the pressure on NYAC in the East. Old Blue needs another win to keep their playoff hopes going. Old Blue should be energized by their big comeback in their last game, on the road in Dallas. Life won their earlier encounter in New York by just two points so it holds promise of being another close one.


NYAC at Boston, Oliver Ames HS, Easton, MA, 5pm EDT.

NYAC keeps cruising through the schedule, and handled Boston easily at the start of the season. Boston will hope for an improved performance in front of their home fans. Boston's last home game was reportedly a forwards oriented struggle that lacked much wide open rugby. Another such game might limit NYAC's dangerous backs and keep the score close. If so, Boston might fancy their chances of pulling an upset.


Chicago Griffins at San Francisco Golden Gate, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, 3pm PDT

Perhaps the game with the biggest potential impact is in San Francisco, where the Griffins come into town. The Griffin's timing could be better, as San Francisco will be itching to get back to their customary winning ways after losing to Old Puget Sound in their last League game. San Francisco won their first matchup 44-16, so the Griffins will have to improve on that performance in order to be competitive. But a win would propel the Griffins into playoff contention, so that should be powerful incentive for the visitors.