USA Women’s National Team To Host Elite Competition in Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. -- The Women's National Team, the Eagles, are hosting one of USA Rugby's largest player assemblies next weekend at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo.  The Women's Eagle pool will be split into three squads that will compete throughout the week, along with the Women's Collegiate All-Americans team.


"The assembly is designed to give the players a high level competition," said USA Head Coach Peter Steinberg.  "One of the challenges we have in the U.S. is providing the players really high level competition.  This camp brings the top 100 players in the country to compete at the start of our two year cycle to the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup in Paris."


The camp will build on the Eagle Training Centers weekends that were held this spring that focused on individual player development along with mental skills, nutrition, and physical development.  There will be three match days where the four squads will square off, allowing the players to show what they can do to Steinberg and the other Eagle selectors in attendance. 


"Our goal is to build a complete profile for each player from this week competition," Steinberg said.  "We will work with each player to lay out a development plan for the next year that includes their skills and the elite athlete lifestyle."


The camp will also be the major selection vehicle for the fall tour to Europe when the Eagles play Italy and France.  A squad of 40 will be selected to prepare for the tour and will attend regional camps in August.


USA Women's Eagle Player Development Camp | Greeley, Colo. | June 30 - July 7


Adrienne Acosta (ORSU)

Sadie Anderson (Penn State)

Baylee  Annis (Norwich University)

Tonya Ansel (Glendale Raptors)

Katy Augustyn (Berkeley All Blues)

Akalaini Baravilala (USA Rugby Sevens)

Libby Berg (Minnesota Valkyries)

Sharon Blaney (ORSU)

Kristin Bonomo (Albany Sirens)

Phoebe Boone (Berkeley All Blues)

Sylvia Braaten (Twin Cities Amazons)

Rebecca Brafman (New York Rugby Club)

Francine Bray (Austin Valkyries)

Stacey Bridges (Twin Cities Amazons)

Anna Brown (Twin Cities Amazon)

Lisa Butts (At Large)

Emilie Bydwell (San Diego Surfers)

Erica Cavanaugh (NOVA)

Sarah Chobot (At Large)

Lucy Croy (Berkeley All Blues)

Kate Daley (Chicago North Shore)

Lauren Daly (Minnesota Valkyries)

Amy Daniels (Beantown)

Melanie Denham (Beantown)

Katie Dowty (USA Rugby Sevens)

Elizabeth Fierman (Beantown)

Victoria Folayan (Berkeley All Blues)

Alicia Gillberg (Twin Cities Amazons)

Tiffany Gjestvang (Twin Cities Amazons)

Valerie Griffeth (San Diego Surfers)

Kelly Griffin (USA Rugby Sevens)

Nick James (Austin Valkyries)

Emily Jones (Beantown)

Amanda Kingzett (Twin Cities Amazons)

Molly Kinsella (Stanford)

Joanna Kitlinski (At Large)

Ashley Kmiecik (Emerald City Mudhens)

Tess Kohanski (Beantown)

Lynelle Kugler (Twin Cities Amazons)

Jenny Lui (Chicago North Shore)

Kaelene Lundstrum (USA Rugby Sevens)

Cristina Mastrangelo (Chicago North Shore)

Vanesha McGee (New York Rugby Club)

Deanna McGillivray (Albuquerque Atomic Sisters)

Cassidy Meyers (Kent Crusaders)

Helen Rose Miesner (New York Rugby Club)

Laura Miller (DC Furies)

San Juanita Moreno (ORSU)

Ashley Mulford (Twin Cities Amazons)

Deven Owsiany (USA Rugby Sevens)

Samantha Pankey (James River Rugby)

Diana Peng (Berkeley All Blues)

Lauren Poole (Penn State)

Jillion Potter (USA Rugby Sevens)

Rachel Primo (NOVA)

Andrea Prusinski (Glendale Raptors)

Naima Reddick (Nor Cal Triple Threat)

Christy Ringgenberg (Minnesota Valkyries)

Megan Sanders (Seattle Breakers)

Liz Snodgrass (Atlanta Harlequins)

Ashley Sorensen (Hawaii Lady Raiders)

Hannah Stolba (Glendale Raptors)

Elizabeth  Trujillo (At Large)

Shaina Turley (San Diego Surfers)

Emily Van Gulik (Berkeley All-Blues)

Ashleigh VanDriesen (Raleigh Venom)

Kittery Wagner (Glendale Raptors)

Sarah Walsh (Berkeley All Blues)

Katherine Weber (Des Moines)

Caroline White (Seatyle Breakers)

Eli White (DC Furies)

Sarah Wilson (Glendale Raptors)

Jessica Wooden (Atlanta Harlequins)

Jamie Zarembinski (Twin Cities Amazons)

Annie Zeigler (At Large)