USA Rugby Announces 2011-12 All-Americans

USA Rugby is proud to announce the 2011-12 All-Americans. These student-athletes are recognized as the best collegiate women's rugby players in the country. There are two lists of All-Americans, Division I and Division II.
The list of All-Americans includes 30 student-athletes from 16 different universities and colleges  across  the  country,  and  the  22  Division  II  student-athletes  come  from  17  different institutions. These 52 individuals were selected from a pool of over 12,000 women's collegiate rugby players.
Selectors used the fall and spring seasons to develop pools of players recommended for National recognition. The Collegiate All-Star Tournament and the Collegiate National Championships were used by the Collegiate All-American Coaches, Martha Daines and Assistant Coach Sue Whitwell, along with Women's  National  Team  Coach  Pete  Steinberg,  and  the  Under-20  Coaches,  Danielle  Miller  and Assistant Austin Hall, to refine the pool into the final list of top players as listed below.
Sadie Anderson                                               Penn State University
Sharlyn Carter                                                  University of Virginia
Kasey Ferlic                                                     Penn State University
Chelsea Garber                                                Brown University
Brittany Houston                                              UW-Milwaukee
Bisi Ibrahim                                                     Stanford University
Anne Lee                                                         United States Military Academy
Mary McCarthy                                                University of Michigan
Erin Ovecash                                                   University of Colorado
Jane Paar                                                        United States Naval Academy
Jessica Peterson                                              East Carolina University
Maricel Quirindongo-Crespo                            University of California, Berkeley
Lauren Rhodes                                                Princeton University
Jess Sexauer                                                    United States Military Academy
Rebekah Siebach                                            Brigham Young University
Blair Station                                                    Brown University
Kyle Armstrong                                                Penn State University
Evelyn Ashenbrucker                                       University of California, San Diego
Colleen Carey                                                  University of Colorado
Ellen Danford                                                  Stanford University
Julia Fortkort                                                    University of Texas-Austin
Monica Jackson                                               Brigham Young University
Melissa Krug                                                    University of Minnesota
Dorothy Mittow                                                 Princeton University
Christiane Pheil                                               Penn State University
Jennifer Sandifer                                             United States Naval Academy
Jenn Sever                                                      University of California, Berkeley
Amelia Villines                                                Stanford University
Ela Wolfgramm                                                Brigham Young University
Samantha Wright                                             Brigham Young University

Rachel Bandura                                              Temple University
Rose Bernheim                                                Norwich University
Megan Bonny                                                  Washington State University
Rhiannon Clark                                                Elon University
Gabrielle Dixon                                               Longwood University
Margaret Kwateng                                           Vassar College
Sally Le                                                           San Francisco State
Katie Mathews                                                 Bowdoin College
Amy Naber                                                       University of Arizona
Ashley Nelson                                                  Winona State University
Ashley Okonta                                                  University of Notre Dame
Angelina Pascual                                            Santa Clara University
O'Mara Taylor                                                  Vassar College
Jaime Albarelli                                                George Washington University
Candace Barley                                               Lee University
Hannah Bushey                                               Norwich University
Aoibbean Cline                                               Humboldt State University
Adriana Conrad-Forrest                                    Humboldt State University
Katie Hathway                                                 Norwich University
Fiona Lunney                                                  Stonehill College
Jessica Navarro                                                University of San Francisco
Megan Wingert                                                Winona State University
For further information on the Women's Collegiate All-American program, please contact Martha Daines, USA Rugby Collegiate All-American Coach, at