Tolkin Reacts to Eagles Test Series Win

BUCHAREST, Romania -- The USA Men's Eagles finished their 2012 Fall European Tour today with a win over Romania. The match, which ended with a 34-3 win, gave the Eagles a 2-1 record for the test series and marks the first series win for the Eagles in over a decade.

USA Rugby spoke with Tolkin following the game.

On the team's motivation against Romania

"One of the real positives of this game was the team's motivation coming into the final match. The guys really wanted to walk away with a winning record for this test series and it showed on the field."

On preparation

"As a team and a staff, we prepared really well to face Romania. The type of attack and defense on the field showed that the guys really did their homework. We knew we had to be strong in the scrum, as well as take advantage of Romania's narrow defense at times. We knew their patterns and were able to stop them."

On player performance

Louis Stanfill played a very good game. Wyles was solid, and so was Fry and Dahl. Really everyone stepped up and played a good match. It was a great team effort and you really only get the result we had with that effort."

On 2013

"We may have one more camp over the winter, but we'll be meeting again for sure in the spring. Our schedule will really pick up in May as we prepare for the next series."