Women’s Eagles Unveil New iPhone / iPad App

STATE COLLEGE, PA — Women’s Eagles fans can now follow their team from anywhere in the world. A new iPhone app, powered by Rugby Athletic, puts the most up-to-date information at the fingertips of all USA Rugby supporters at every point of the day.

The free app can be found by searching USA Women’s Eagles Rugby through iTunes.com.

Designed by John Flude and in conjunction with MoPublications, the app gives fans access to game updates, interviews with the team, highlight video, blog posts from players, and so much more.

“The app gives rugby fans exactly what every rugby fan has been waiting for,” said Flude. “It is very difficult to get reliable rugby information and this not only does that, but puts it on a mobile platform as well.”

Those around the team expect the app to really boost support of the Women’s Eagles. Growth of the squad has already seen a dramatic increase within the past year, however some believe the tool is exactly what the team needs to expand to even more demographics around the country.

“We hope this app reaches everyone who has even heard of the Women’s Eagles,” said Women’s Eagles head coach Pete Steinberg. “I hope this gets everybody to follow us.”

Creation of the app is part of Rugby Athletic’s campaign in concert with USA Rugby for digital development in support of the Women’s Eagles.

Rugby Athletic is the official sponsor of the Women’s Eagles European Tour.

The application was released Nov. 19 and is available only through iTunes.