Eagle Training Centers To Drive Selection Process

BOULDER, CO — Moving forward into the New Year, the Women’s Eagles look to build on what has been accomplished in 2012. Several new traditions are expected to continue in 2013, preparing the squad for the year’s international tests.

Despite a 1-2 finish to last years campaign, the team is optimistic about the groundwork that has been established in moving forward. Most notably was the founding of Eagle Training Centers (ETC) across the country.

“[ETC’s] were founded to keep the players working at least in somewhat of a team-like atmosphere, while helping them build an elite athlete lifestyle,” said Women’s Eagles head coach Pete Steinberg. “We want them (the players) to be working together, along with top coaches, as often as possible and this is another place to accomplish this goal.”

Steinberg also noted that the camps foundation “was a great way for players to showcase their talents last year” and expects it to be a driving force behind the growth of the team in 2013.

After a successful first year, the ETC’s have helped to restructure the selection process all together. ETC camps will be utilized in determining the group of players selected to the Elite Performance Series (EPS) Top 60 camp, held later in the year.

Currently, three ETC camps are scheduled for the spring months, with the first taking place in February. Camps are anticipated to take place in March and April as well. Players will be invited to the camps in March and April based on their performance at the initial camp.

“To be selected to the EPS camp, players will need to perform well at the ETC’s through the spring,” said Steinberg.

The head coach also pointed out that while attendance at ETC camps is not mandatory for selection to the EPS, he expects “very few non-ETC players” will be selected to the elite camp.

To limit the amount of travel on the athletes, seven ETC’s have been established across the country for 2013. Five locations will remain the same as 2012 in Amherst (MA), State College (PA), Chicago (IL), Denver (CO), and Palo Alto (CA). Atlanta (GA) and San Diego (CA) have been added to host ETC camps.

Focus points for the ETC camps will include strength and conditioning programs, skill development, as well as sessions surrounding nutritional, mental, and life skills.

A sign-up process through Eagle365 will be utilized for non-pool players to be selected to an ETC. Details on how athletes can apply for an invitation will be confirmed in the coming days.

The EPS Top 60 camp is tentatively scheduled for May.

International matches have yet to be confirmed, however, a timetable of June and July appears to be the most likely for the fixtures.

“We are still working out the match schedule, but we are hoping to have a number of matches in June and July,” said Steinberg. “Our goal is to play as much as possible.”

For more information on Eagle Training Centers, visit Eagle365.net.