Google Hangouts – Sevens Edition

The USA Eagles Sevens team has launched a new #USARugbyHangout series, giving fans a chance to meet the team and coaches.

Check out the dates and make sure to follow the instructions below to participate!

How to Hangout:

  • Be sure to follow the USA Rugby Google+ page
  • Join the event on Google + and comment to tell us why you should be picked to join the hangout
  • Selected fans will be invited to Hangout directly at 6pm PST; other fans will be able to tune in via the USA Rugby YouTube channel to follow the Hangout
  • First time users may need to download the plugin so be sure to do so prior to the scheduled Hangout time
  • Mobile users will need to connect from the Google+ app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes store or Google Play


Watch the #MeetTheCoaches Hangout!