High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game Announced

BOULDER, Colo. -- USA Rugby is excited to announce the High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game, and the High School All-American (HSAA) pathway. New for 2013, the High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game will feature the top 50 boys and 50 girls selected from high school rugby teams around the country. These players will be selected through the new HSAA pathway and play a showcase game on July 13, 2013. The game will be the culmination of a four-day camp, featuring USA Rugby national level coaches, HSAA staff and specialist coaches.

Selection Process

Players and coaches wishing to work toward selection should play through their high school leagues and state championships, then participate in an all-star or travel team attending one of the seven USA Rugby Regional All-Star Tournaments (RAST) throughout late May and June (listed below).

To be considered for selection, a player must have played in their home state's high school season, and must attend at least one Regional All-Star Tournament. HSAA selectors will be scouting all seven tournaments to select the best boys and girls from every corner of the USA.

The High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game will showcase America's best young rugby athletes on a national stage.


• Once selected for the game, am I considered a HSAA? - Yes, if selected from one of the seven RAST's, you will be considered a HSAA.

• Can I nominate a player who may not be able to participate in the All-Star Tournament? - Players must participate in one of the RAST events to be selected.

• Can I play in multiple Regional All-Star Tournaments? - Yes, your team can participate in as many RAST events as you would like.

• As a player, how can I ensure that I am seen at the tournaments? - Participation is key. Join a team that is playing at the RAST events and you will be seen by the selectors.

• How do players on the HSAA's fit into the National pathway? - The High School All-American game and selection is a significant step in the pathway to our National Teams, which for some players will include playing for the Junior or Collegiate All-American teams and/or participating in the Olympic/Eagle Development Program.

• Will there be spots for alternates? - Yes, alternates will be named.

• How soon after the RAST will I be informed of selection? - All players will be notified by June 19, 2013 if they have been selected as HSAA and invited to the High School All-Americans Stars vs. Stripes Game.

• Are there any other tournaments or events in which selectors will be looking at players? - Selectors will only be choosing players from the RAST events for the High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game. This process streamlines the pathway and allows players and coaches a clear path for selection.

• What other fixtures will the HSAAs be involved with after the High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game (i.e. Tours, matches, etc.)? - The High School All-American Stars vs. Stripes Game is a showcase of our best players in a domestic game. There is potential for tours with the Women's and Men's HSAA teams in the future.

• Are there national eligibility rules that we must abide by? Will all RASTs have the same eligibility standards? - All RAST events will have the same high school-only eligibility, including boys and girls brackets, and be attended by scouts for the HSAAs. All players will be high school students, up to graduating seniors.

• Where do I find my all-star team to try out? - To find your local state organization please visit: usarugby.org/sro

• Who will coach the High School All-American Stars and Stripes teams? - Two coaches will be named for each Stars and Stripes teams, chosen from the pool of coaches participating in the RAST events. The HSAA Staff will choose these coaches.

USA Rugby All-American Sponsors

USA Rugby would like to thank AIG for their sponsorship of the Girls High School All-Americans, Men's & Women's Junior All-Americans and the Men's & Women's Collegiate All-Americans.

USA Rugby would also like to thank Aircraft Charter Solutions for their sponsorship of the Boys High School All-American program.


New England:

Tournament: New England Challenge Cup

Dates: June 15-16, 2013 (Both Men & Women's Brackets)

Location: Devens, MA. Recreation Center

Contact: Chris St. Onge; cstonge41@yahoo.com


Tournament: Challenge Cup

Dates: June 15-16, 2013 (Both Men & Women's Brackets)

Location: Pittsburgh, PA. Founder's Field

Contact: Kurt Mockenhaupt; rugbyfoundation@msn.com


Tournament: Midwest All-Star Challenge

Dates: June 8-9, 2013 (Both Men & Women's Brackets)

Location: Elkhart, IN. Moose Rugby Grounds

Contact: Bart Bottorff; bart@premierprint.com


Tournament: South RAST

Dates: June 15 & 16. (Men & Women)

Location: Life University

Contact: Dan Payne; dan.payne@life.edu


Host: Northern California Youth Rugby Association

Tournament: Pacific Coast All-Star Tournament

Dates: May 25-26, 2013. (Men & Women)

Location: San Francisco, CA. Treasure Island

Contact: John Riddering; highperformance@ncyrugby.org


Tournament: Great Northwest Challenge

Dates: June 15-16 (Men & Women)

Location: South Pugent Sound, WA

Contact: Chris Nesmith; nesmithc@gmail.com

Rocky Mountain:

Tournament: Rocky Mountain Challenge

Dates: June 14-16. (Men & Women)

Location: Aurora, CO. Aurora Sports Park

Contact: Geoff Calhoun; gscalhoun49@aol.com

For more information, please contact USA Rugby National Teams Administrator Nick Tricarico at ntricarico@usarugby.org.