ETC Camp 3 Day 1 Concludes in State College

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Plans don’t always go as intended, which is exactly what happened at the State College ETC camp on Saturday. The coaching staff scrambled to adjust the training schedule as eleven players were unable to take part in the weekend’s events.

Travel limitations and injuries cut the participating group down to just fourteen players. However, both the players and coaching staff handled the change in stride.

“It was fantastic for the players to be so flexible with the schedule changes and a great job by the coaching staff to adjust so quickly,” said Peter Baggetta, defense coach for the Women’s Eagles.

With fewer players, involvement increased greatly for those in attendance.

“The players got a ton of repetitions today” said Baggetta, whom led the day’s drills in State College. “We threw a lot of information at them and they handled it really, really well.”

Despite the focus required to achieve the appropriate outcomes for each drill, the mood remained light-hearted and upbeat throughout the day. Despite frigid weather conditions, seeing snow flurries in a steady 20 mile-per-hour wind, players joking with each other and supporting one another through the fitness testing helped complete the tasks at hand.

“With the circumstances, [the players] were extremely focused when they needed to be and we were able to cover everything that we wanted to today,” said scrum coach, Farrah Douglas.

While player identification remains a focus during the final ETC camp, the transition to introducing the style of play the Women’s Eagles hope to utilize this summer was apparent.

Patterns of play were the focus behind each drill of the day, trending away from individual habits, which highlighted the agendas of the first two ETC camps.

Each one of the two on-field sessions included defensive play, attacking focuses, and separate backs and forwards specific portions.

Fitness testing was also completed before each one of the on-field sessions.

Sunday’s schedule will see a nutritional meeting to start the day before additional fitness testing and an on-field, general play practice.

The weekend’s ETC camp is the final such meeting for the Women’s Eagles in 2013.

Selections to the Women’s Eagles 15s Top 60 Camp will be made after the final ETC camp.

The Top 60 Camp will take place from May 18-26 in Greeley, Colo. at the University of Northern Colorado.

Two teams will be created to face off against each other throughout the week in a three match series.