High School All American Stars vs. Stripes Selection Process

USA Rugby has announced the coach selection process for the High School All-American (HSAA) Stars vs. Stripes game and camp this coming July. This inaugural event will be a chance for the best 50 boys and 50 girls from around the country to become a part of the newly unveiled HSAA pathway, as well as serve as an entry point for coaches and referees into USA Rugby’s High Performance development model.

Four teams will attend a four-day camp culminating in the final games on July 13. Each team will be led by two coaches who will be mentored by our USA Rugby Coaching Department and National Team Coaching staff. The event will be a personal development opportunity for these eight coaches as well as a chance to learn team management skills, coaching best practices, and observation and selection techniques from elite level coaches. .

Coaches wishing to apply for selection must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a registered and certified coach with USA Rugby (completed player protection package and background check)
  • Hold a USA Rugby Level 200 Coaching Certification
  • All-Star/Select side coaching experience
  • Coach a team participating in at least one of the Regional All Star Tournaments (RASTs)

Learn more about the player selection process from HP Player Development Manager Luke Gross

Learn more about the coach selection process from Coach Development Manager Josh Sutcliffe


How does the HSAA team fit into the Elite Coaching Pathway? The Stars and Stripes program is the first national step in the Elite Coaching Pathway. This program will produce coaches that feed into our HSAA Team, Under 20 National Team, Collegiate AA and National Team structures for both sevens and fifteens.

How many coaches are selected? There will be one head coach and 2 assistant coaches per team. All 6 coaches for the boys and 6 coaches for the girls will be selected through this process.

What professional development opportunities exist? The coaches will work with HSAA Staff, HSAA coaches, the USA Rugby Coach Development staff and our Senior National Team coaches to integrate best practices into planning and implementation of the camp. This week is about developing coaches as well as players.

Do you need to be a certified USA Rugby coach? Yes. You will need to be a certified and active coach that has completed a minimum Level 200 Coaching Certificate. This requirements means that you are registered with USA Rugby as a coach, passed the background check, completed the player protection package, and attended an coaching certification course.

To apply, please complete the application. For further information, please contact Josh Sutcliffe, Coach Development Manager via email jsutcliffe@usarugby.org.