Canada too much for Eagles in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – The Women’s Eagles Sevens suffered their first defeat at Amsterdam Sevens Saturday with a 19-5 loss to Canada in the Cup Quarterfinals. The Eagles will now play France in the Plate Semifinals.

Canada surprised the Eagles on the opening kickoff with a short kick, which was caught cleanly by a Canadian. They moved the ball well to get down the field but knocked the ball on to turn over possession.

Victoria Folayan committed a knock on of her own to give Canada great field possession with a scrum, and they took advantage of it with Kayla Moleschi picking the ball up and taking a few steps into the try zone for the 5-0 lead.

Canada won the restart again, but a penalty stopped the attack. Folayan got the ball down the left side and ran around a couple of defenders before being tackled in the middle of the field. Vanesha McGee’s support was wasted with another knock on.

In the sixth minute, Canada’s Heather Moyes sent a kick down the touch line destined to go into touch, but the ball took a strange hop towards the middle of the field. Mandy Marchak outhustled the Eagles defenders and ran from midfield with the ball for the try. She also kicked the successful conversion to extend the lead to 12-0 at halftime.

The Eagles finally got on the board at the 10-minute mark after some sustained attacking pressure in Canada’s half of the field. Folayan got the ball on the right side from Christy Ringgenberg and used her speed to make it into the try zone to cut the deficit to 12-5.

Jillion Potter and Deven Owsiany showed off their defensive prowess with their tackling in the final minutes of the match, but Canada eventually found a way to get around the two of them. Brittany Waters managed to find a gap in the Eagles’ defense and ran into the try zone as the final whistle sounded for the 19-0 win.

The Women’s Eagles Sevens will go up against France in the Plate Semifinals. France defeated Canada in pool play Friday, but lost to England in the Cup Quarterfinals. Watch the Eagles on at 7:58 A.M. ET and follow live updates from the Women’s Sevens Twitter @USAWomens7s.

Women's Eagles Sevens | vs. Canada
Jillion Potter
Kelly Griffin
Vanesha McGee
Deven Owsiany
Sadie Anderson
Bui Baravilala
Victoria Folayan
Kimber Rozier
Emilie Bydwell
Katie Dowty
Christy Ringgenberg
Nathalie Marchino

Women's Eagles Sevens | vs. Canada
Tries: Folayan

Women’s Eagles Sevens | Amsterdam Sevens
vs. France - 7:58 A.M. ET Saturday, May 18