Second Stars vs. Stripes scrimmage roster announced

UPDATE: Stripes defeated Stars 48-5 Wednesday afternoon.GREELEY, Colo. -- It’s time for round two between Stars and Stripes. Women’s Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg has named the lineups that will be competing against each other in the second scrimmage at the Top 60 Camp at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo.

Numerous changes have been made to the lineups in comparison to those named for the opening scrimmage. With several practices under the players’ belts, the match is expected to be much closer than the 34-3 outcome in favor of Stripes on Sunday, May 19.

“There are so many variables that have changed since the first scrimmage, so it will be interesting to see how the game turns out,” said Steinberg.

The first match of the Top 60 camp series took place a day after players arrived at the University of Northern Colorado.

Since the opening days of camp, players have been through six practices and a scrimmage. Meetings and classroom sessions have also highlighted the week’s events.

Kickoff for the Wednesday scrimmage is set for 2 P.M. MT.

In the first scrimmage, Stripes capitalized on six opportunities, converting on two of the tries, to claim the match, 34-3. Meya Bizer scored two tries, while connecting on the two post-try attempts.

Ashley Kmiecik, Sharon Blaney, Shaina Turley, and Ashley Kingzett accounted for a try each in Sunday’s match.

The final scrimmage of the Top 60 camp will take place Saturday, May 25, at 2 P.M. MT.

Stars vs Stripes | Top 60 – Scrimmage | Greeley, Colo.

1. Naima Reddick
2. Rachel Ryan
3. Jamie Burke
4. Francine Bray
5. Emily Van Gulik
6. Kristen Zdanczewicz
7. Christiane Pheil
8. Laura Miller
9. Elena Cantora
10. Anne Peterson
11. Andrea Prusinski
12. Aly Gleason
13. San Juanita Moreno
14. Valerie Griffith
15. Jessica Wooden
16. Katy Augustyn
17. Devin Keller
18. Hope Rogers
19. Sarah Walsh
20. Mel Denham
21. Sylvia Braaten
22. Cassidy Meyers
23. Amanda Street

1. Sarah Chobot
2. Christina Zier
3. Sarah Wilson
4. Molly Kinsella
5. Carmen Farmer
6. Shaina Turley
7. Samantha Pankey
8. Stacey Bridges
9. Jocelyn Tseng
10. Lauren Rhode
11. Kaelene Lundstrum
12. Megan Bonny
13. Meya Bizer
14. Erica Cavanaugh
15. Katie O’Malley
16. Jessica Davis
17. Joanna Kitlinski
18. Lauren Daly
19. Phoebe Boone
20. Caroline White
21. Erin Overcash
22. Hannah Stolba