USA Rugby announces new ‘Work for it’ campaign

USA Rugby is WORKFORIT Rugby

USA Rugby is excited to share the next generation rallying cry for rugby in America.

The new campaign celebrates what it already means to be a rugby player in the United States, and unites coaches, referees, players, fans, women and men alike behind a creed that will inspire the new American rugby tradition.

American values parallel the new American rugby experience. We are a nation rooted in labor and grit, and grounded in work ethic, resilience and productivity. From putting a man on the moon, to electing an African-American President (twice), to creating the most valuable company in the world, to winning 19 gold medals across 4 Olympic Games--we believe that anything is possible.

We are a nation who believes in winning, and more importantly, expects to win, especially when it comes to global competition.

Like never before, American rugby is also now rooted in labor and grit. Currently, 33 athletes train full time at the Olympic Training Center, our National Teams are working towards more international competition than ever before, Rookie Rugby has been introduced to over 2.5 million kids, and every day an endless number of volunteers work tirelessly to grow the sport.

Together, we form the backbone of today's USA Rugby.

In American rugby, we also believe that anything is possible; medaling in the Olympics or winning the World Cup is in fact possible. Winning - both on and off the field - is now inherently part of USA Rugby and part of our next generation mission like never before.

The new USA Rugby purpose is a perfect blend of old and new values, it is now passionately infused with Olympism, and it carries a fresh & unwavering call to action. These are the core elements of our brand:

DREAM: To inspire the Rugby World, the American Way
SPIRIT: Working to Win
FOCUS: To Improve Every Day
BELIEFS: Player Welfare First, Rugby Builds Character, Living the Olympic Spirit, Diversity Makes Us Stronger, Being Students of the Game, Americans Make Amazing Rugby Players
CHARACTER: Challenging, Inventive, Proud, Always On, Open 

How will we take the podium? The American Way. We will WORK FOR IT.  

Watch the video and visit or to experience our new purpose, review the 2013-2015 USA Rugby Strategic Plan and read about the new era of "Rugby in America" by former sevens and 15s Eagle and longtime fitness editor and writer, Jen Sinkler.