AIG MCAA roster announced for New Zealand Tour

"We come together as a team in a brief amount of time, cross an ocean, and play difficult competition."

BOULDER, Colo. - USA Rugby AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans Head Coach Matt Sherman has released the MCAA travel roster for the upcoming New Zealand Tour this month. The MCAAs will play two matches against New Zealand University and one against Wairarapa Bush.

Fifty-five of the best collegiate rugby players convened at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Calif., from June 7-10 for a selection camp, and Sherman and the coaching staff had to choose 28 to travel to New Zealand. This is the first tour for the MCAAs since their Ireland Tour last August. The MCAAs defeated Connacht Rugby Development XV 19-17 before losing 14-29 to Leinster Academy.

"As one of the top rugby nations in the world, we know our opposition will be tough and experienced," Sherman said.

A few players considered for the tour include Nick Wallace, Cameron Dolan, Will Holder and Seamus Kelly, who were all selected to travel with the Men's Eagles for their summer tour. Sherman hopes players in this touring side will eventually make the move to the senior national team.

"The main objective of our program is to identify and develop players for the senior national team by mirroring the Eagles international experience and challenges. We come together as a team in a brief amount of time, cross an ocean, and play difficult competition," Sherman said.

"While the objective of the program is somewhat individual based, the objective of each year's team and tour is to develop into the strongest team possible, improve to our maximum capabilities and perform to our highest standard. I think we feel that if we do that we can win games. Performance will always be our primary focus, but we will move forward with the mentality that every time we step on the field we're competing to win."

Seventeen players are making their first appearance for the MCAAs, a sign Sherman says rugby is growing in America. Seven players from the D1A National Championship Final will also be traveling to New Zealand, with five players from champion Life University and two from runner-up Saint Mary's College.

"More players are coming in with high school experience, collegiate programs are developing players at a higher level and playing at a higher level than before, and better athletes are being attracted to the sport," Sherman said. "We are seeing the results of improved daily training environments across the country in collegiate rugby, and both the quality of player and the quantity of those quality players is improving."

The MCAAs will open their tour against New Zealand University in Palmerston North June 16 before traveling to Masterton to take on Heartland Championship club Wairarapa Bush June 19. The tour will culminate with another match against New Zealand University June 22 in Wellington.

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans Travel Squad | New Zealand Tour

Player Height Weight Year School
Jake Anderson 6'2" 207 Junior University of California Berkeley
Jordan Badia-Bellinger 6'1" 230 Senior Claremont Colleges
Daniel Barrett 6'3" 230 Senior University of California
Jeremiah Cariaga 5'10" 180 Senior Life University
Joseph Cowley 6'2" 195 Senior Life University
John Cullen 6'5" 265 Senior University of Utah
Jean Eloff 5'10" 180 Junior Davenport
Alec Gletzer 6' 220 Junior University of California Berkeley
Michael Haley 5'11" 210 Senior Saint Mary's College
Paris Hollis 6' 230 Junior Life University
Madison Hughes 5'9" 175 Sophomore Dartmouth College
Benjamin Landry 6'5" 255 Junior University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Michael Lawrenson 6'7" 250 Junior Kutztown University
Clint Lemkus 6'2" 225 Freshman Central Washington University
Hugh MacLellan 6'1" 245 Senior Davenport University
Glen Maricelli 5'9" 215 Junior Life University
Timothy Maupin 6'1" 206 Senior Saint Mary's College
Jacob McFadden 5'9" 180 Junior Life University
Zachary Mizell 6'3" 190 Senior Arkansas State
Eric Parsons 5'11" 245 Junior Cal Poly-SLO
Randy Pati 5'7" 190 Junior University of Utah
Shaun Potgieter 6'1" 215 Junior Arkansas State University
Ryan Roundy 6'1" 220 Senior Brigham Young University
Michael Shepherd 6'1" 238 Senior University of Utah
Gabriel Sochanek 5'7" 210 Junior Davenport University
Patrick Sullivan 6'4" 225 Senior Arkansas State
Kyle Sumsion 6'2" 230 Junior Brigham Young University
Stephen Tomasin 5'10" 205 Freshman San Diego State University
Joshua Tucker 5'8" 197 Senior University of California Berkeley

Players from camp not selected

Player Height Weight Year School
Barnaby Audsley 6' 195 Junior Ocidental College
Tanner Barnes 5'10" 200 Sophomore Central Washington University
Garrett Brewer 6'4" 220 Senior Saint Mary's College
Jackson Bristol 6'6" 220 Junior Air Force Academy
Matias Cima 6' 205 Junior University of Maryland
Pierre Courpron 6'5" 225 Sophomore UCLA
Brendan Cox 5'11" 185 Senior University of Colorado
Brendan Daly 6'4" 240 Senior University of California Berkeley
Morgan Findlay 5'10" 187 Sophomore Lindenwood University
Dean Gericke 6'2" 206 Senior Arkansas State
James Gregory 6' 230 Senior Kutztown University
Ryne Haitsuka 5'8" 175 Junior Oregon State University
Ryan Hargraves 5'10" 185 Senior Davenport University
Alexander Hodgkinson 6'2" 185 Freshman Syracuse University
Jaime Kelm 5'9" 205 Senior San Diego State
Richard Kessler 6'1" 210 Sophomore University of Notre Dame
Sean Kilfoyle 5'9" 170 Junior university of Colorado
Ryan Matyas 6' 185 Freshman University of Arizona
Daniel Metcalf 6'4" 240 Junior Penn State University
Tanner Mohr 6' 240 Senior University of California Berkeley
Broderick Neel-Feller 5'9" 185 Junior United States Naval Academy
Michael O'Neill 6' 220 Junior Saint Mary's College
Grant Penney 5'4" 140 Junior UCLA
Michael Shea 5'11" 200 Senior San Diego State
Glen Thommes 6'3" 210 Sophomore University of Delaware
Zachery Walker 6'1" 255 Senior Life University
Christopher Wernli 5'11" 220 Junior Brigham Young University

Players considered but not available for selection

Player School
Tim Acker Kutztown University
Paul Bosco University of California
Jordan Bouey Saint Mary's College
Cameron Dolan Life University
Morgan Findlay Lindenwood University
Ray Forrester Brigham Young University
Dean Gericke Arkansas State University
Willam Holder Army
Seamus Kelly University of California, Berkeley
Hoseki Kofe Brigham Young University
Kaleikaumaka Konrad San Diego State University
Paul Lasike Brigham Young University
Tonata Lauti University of Utah
Jonny Linehan Brigham Young University
Anthony Lombardo University of California
Sean Maki Brigham Young University
Jack McAuliffe Navy
Kingsly McGowan Saint Mary's College
Kirk Pretorius Arkansas State University
Sebastian Sharp UCLA
Sam Sirrel UCLA
Gerhard Veit University of Central Florida
Spencer Vickery University of Utah
Nick Wallace Saint Mary's College

AIG Men's Collegiate All-Americans | Coaching Staff
Matt Sherman - Head Coach
Justin Fitzpatrick - Forwards Coach
Phillip Eloff - Backs Coach
Craig Brown - Manager
Chris Mizer - Athletic Trainer