2013 National Collegiate Academic Honor Roll announced

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby annually recognizes collegiate rugby student athletes for their excellence in the classroom with the USA Rugby National Collegiate Academic Honor Roll. Since 2011, USA Rugby has acknowledged the hard work on and off of the field by collegiate student athletes with the Honor Roll, including the 121 student athletes named to the 2011-12 Honor Roll.

Ninety student athletes have been recognized during the 2012-13 academic year for being a consistent starter on their college or university’s rugby team, academic standing as a junior or senior and having a cumulative grade point average of 3.7 out of 4.0 or higher.

“On behalf of our USA Rugby collegiate programs of more than 900 teams, Tam Breckenridge, Associate Director of College Rugby, and I congratulate these scholar-athletes on their accomplishments on the field and in the classroom,” USA Rugby Director of College Rugby Rich Cortez said. “The criteria for this award require commitment and determination in both arenas. We wish the honorees continued success in their chosen fields.”

4.0 Cumulative G.P.A.

Player Class Standing (Area of Study) School
Jessica Christy Junior (Nursing) Winona State University
Johnni Dideriksen Senior (Economics and Finance) American International College
Stephen Farnham Junior (Mathematics) Western New England University
Kourtney Kavajecz Junior (Nursing) Winona State University
Philip Lee Senior (Electrical Engineering) University of Texas
Thomas Notchick Junior (Electrical Engineering) Western New England University
Joshua Tobin Junior (Mathematics) Columbia University
Cameron Zahedi Junior (Physics, Mathematics, Economics) University of Georgia

3.7 or higher Cumulative G.P.A.

Player Class Standing (Area of Study) School
Brendon Aitken Senior (Exercise Science) Arkansas State University
Maura Allen Junior (Government / Legal Studies) Bowden College
Dustin Attwood-Dupont Senior (Economics) Middlebury College
Javier Ayo Junior (Pre-Medicine) Florida State University
Andrew Bariahtaris Junior (Diplomacy and World Affairs) Occidental College
Jessica Braunstein Senior (Biology) Lee University
Justin Bricker Senior (Electrical Engineering) Stanford University
Daniel Burczak Junior (Bio-Chemistry) Florida State University
Alexandria Caine Senior (Finance) George Washington University
Colleen Carey Senior (Anthropology) University of Colorado
Nicole Caso Senior (Psychology) Fordham University
Althea Cavanaugh Senior (Neuroscience) Bowdoin College
Kevin Cote Junior Psychology Saint Michael's College
Christine Cox Senior (Psychology) Santa Clara University
Elizabeth Denholm Junior (Art History) Catholic University of America
Rory Dill Senior (Accounting) Davenport University
Paul Doherty Senior (Government) Georgetown University
Patrick Dolan Senior (Criminal Justice) Roger Williams University
Brian Dominianni Junior (Applied Mathematics) Harvard University
Matthew Donahue Senior (Physics) Saint Anselm College
Shannon Dowdie Junior (Psychology) Stonehill College
Hannah Edwards Senior (Political Science) University of California
Katie Estep Senior (Biomedical Engineering) University of Virginia
Lucienne Fernandez Junior (Classics / Art and Architecture) Brown University
Matthew Fetty Senior (Business Marketing) Clemson University
Emily Fiorini Senior (Communication) University of Albany
Kelley Frank Junior (Civil Engineering) University of Virginia
Amy Gadient Senior (Nursing) Winona State University
Allison Gatchel Junior (Special Education) University of Wisconsin-Stout
Zanthi Gerasimo Senior (Applied Social Science: History, Political Science) University of Wisconsin-Stout
Kristina Giandomenico Junior (Comparative Literature) Princeton University
John Green Senior (Biology / History) Gonzaga University
Brendan Hanrahan Junior (Social Studies) Harvard University
Tom Haussrer Junior (International Business) Arkansas State University
Jordan Heginbottom Senior (Accounting) University of Wisconsin
Matthew Horten Senior (International Politics) Occidental College
Daniel Ibarra Senior (Geological and Environmental Sciences) Stanford University
Mark Kassardijian Junior (International Political Economy) Georgetown University
Steven Keithley Junior (International History) Georgetown University
Jonathan Kernes Senior (Math, Physics, Integrated Science) Northwestern University
Justin Kiel Junior (International Studies) American University
Kate Kloster Senior (Economics) Denison University
Natalie Klotz Junior (Computer Science) Brown University
Eric Knapp Junior (Psychology / Religion) University of Mary Washington
Josh Kolman Junior (Aeronautical Engineering) (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Devan Kreisberg Senior (English) Princeton University
Bryce Lambert Junior (Chemistry / Biochemistry) Wake Forest University
Laura Lyons Junior (Interdisciplinary: Arts and Administration) University of Virginia
Bobby Manfreda Senior (Applied Physics / Chinese) University of Notre Dame
Carlyle Marszalek Senior (Exercise Science) Truman State University
Adam Martin Senior (Mechanical Engineering) Fairmont State University
Laurel Mast Junior (Philosophy / Mathematics) Bowdoin College
Michael McGilvery Senior (International Economics) Georgetown University
Yale Michaels Senior (Molecular and Cellular Biology) Harvard University
Benjamin Miller Junior (Kinesiology) University of Massachusetts
Nathan Mills Junior (Fish and Wildlife Sciences) Paul Smith's College
Ryan Mitchell Senior (Science Business) University of Notre Dame
Andrew Moth Senior (Business Administration) University of Albany
David Mysona Junior (Biomechanical Engineering) University of South Carolina
Thomas Norton Senior (Geology) Middlebury College
Mireille Pardon Junior (History) Princeton University
Sean Paterson Senior (Finance) Arkansas State University
Samantha Peterson Senior (Applied Science: Biotechnology) University of Wisconsin-Stout
Christopher Ralphs Senior (Political Science / International Studies) American University
Paul Rizk Senior (Chemical Engineering / Physics) Lamar University
Victor Sadauskas Senior (Pre-Medicine / Science Pre-Professional) University of Notre Dame
Nazanin Salehi Senior (Political Science / Media Studies) University of California
Stephen Sheehan Senior (Journalism) University of Florida
Timothy Slater Senior (Finance and Real Estate) University of Wisconsin
Alexandria Snow Junior (Pre-Medicine) University of Nevada, Reno
Emily Spangler Senior (Environmental Engineering) University of Colorado
Skylar Talley Senior (Business Administration) University of Texas
Ryan Taylor Senior (Philosophy) American University
Michelle Teo Junior (Mechanical Engineering) Stanford University
Michelle VanderPloeg Senior (Education) Brown University
Noah Villalobos Senior (Accounting) University of Texas
Lindsey Wiebold Senior (Geography / Peace and Conflict Studies) University of Colorado
Andrew Wilson Junior (Statistics and Economics) Rice University
Ethan Winchell Junior (Engineering Sciences) Harvard University
Megan Wingert Senior (Nursing) Winona State University
Michael Wysota Junior (Molecular Biology / Biochemistry) Middlebury College

For further information on collegiate rugby programs, please contact Rich Cortez, USA Rugby Director of College Rugby, at rcortez@usarugby.org.