Eagles roster announced for Nations Cup Third Place Match

GLENDALE, Colo. – Women’s Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg has named his roster for the final match of the 2013 IRB Women’s Nations Cup. The Eagles will face South Africa in a rematch of the tournament’s first match in the Third Place match at Infinity Park at Glendale Saturday at 4:00 P.M. MT.

With two wins heading into Wednesday’s match against England, a spot in the Final was in the Eagles’ hands. However, the Roses came out on top and Canada was launched into the Final with a win against South Africa.

The Springboks have yet to earn a win this tournament, but lost to England by one point and scored four tries against the Eagles.

“I think that the South Africans have shown the ability to play against anyone here,” Steinberg said. “We expect a tough game.”

Jamie Burke will earn her 42nd career cap, while Phoebe Boone will make her first appearance for the Eagles. Shaina Turley returns to the lineup as captain at number eight, replacing Jillion Potter, who has started the previous three matches.

“We have had three games in six days,” Steinberg said. “Jillion has had more contact points in the tournament than anyone else in the squad. Shaina has recovered from her injury and is able to step up.”

The Eagles finished the 2011 Nations Cup in third place by defeating South Africa 29-9.

“At the last Nations Cup we were 1-3 and if we can finish 3-1 we would have the best record,” Steinberg said.

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The third place match and Final of the 2013 IRB Women’s Nations Cup will be streamed on Infinity Park’s website here. Follow live score updates on Twitter @USARugby. For more information, visit the Nations Cup Information Center.

Women's Eagles | vs. South Africa
1. Jamie Burke
2. Katy Augustyn
3. Sarah Wilson
4. Carmen Farmer
5. Sarah Walsh
6. Lynelle Kugler
7. Phoebe Boone
8. Shaina Turley (C)
9. Kate Daley
10. Kimber Rozier
11. Nathalie Marchino
12. Emilie Bydwell
13. Meya Bizer
14. Erica Cavanaugh
15. Christy Ringgenberg

Women's Eagles | Reserves
16. Sarah Chobot
17. Hope Rogers
18. Kittery Wagner
19. Kristin Zdanczewicz
20. Jillion Potter
21. Deven Owsiany
22. Anne Peterson
23. Megan Bonny