Stars and Stripes named for NASC Sevens

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – USA Rugby Women’s Eagles Sevens Head Coach Ric Suggitt has put together his Stars and Stripes team for this weekend’s 2013 Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Club Sevens All-Star National Championship.

The Stars and Stripes will compete against some of the nation’s top clubs, who will also have current Women’s Eagles Sevens players among their ranks. Kelly Griffin, Irene Gardner and Victoria Folayan will be playing for Pacific Coast and Deven Owsiany will be representing NRU, to name a few.

The only Stars and Stripes player currently in Residency at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista is Rebekah Siebach, who has played for the Eagles Sevens on previous tours.

“She was still in school and needed to finish, so we talked about her coming to Chula Vista once school was over,” Suggitt said of Siebach. “She’s here as one of our Residency players until December.”

Siebach and Megan Bonny were recently called to the AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans’ Top 40 Camp at the University of Northern Colorado in July. With the WCAAs in Minnesota this weekend for a match against the Women’s Premier League’s Twin Cities Amazons, Suggitt coordinated his selections with WCAA Head Coach Martha Daines’.

“Working with Martha was really good,” he said. “We had talked about [Siebach and Bonny], and I said we were looking to bring them to NASC, knowing they would probably be going to France in the fall with Martha. The best thing for us it for them to come with us and play in this tournament now, then if Martha picks them in the fall they go with her to France – which would mean they wouldn’t come to Dubai with us in the Series. It would just be too quick of a turnaround.”

Meya Bizer, who has had a busy summer with the U20 Nations Cup in England for the AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans and the Nations Cup in Colorado with the Women’s Eagles, has also been called to the Stars and Stripes.

Suggitt has chosen a team with three high school players and three crossover athletes, hoping to get a good look at the crop of athletes available to him for the Residency program.

“For us right now, there’s a pretty good pathway for women’s rugby,” he said. “We had five girls from the High School Stars vs. Stripes Camp come to a camp here in Chula Vista and Tess Feury was invited to come to NASC.

“Some of our Residency players have gone back to play for their territories, which is good for us because then our girls here are playing against bigger, stronger, fitter, smarter players, and that’s what happens when we go away and play against other international teams. It’s a good learning curve for these girls and pushes our older, more experienced players to play like they know someone below them is playing for one of their spots. It’s a win-win for us.”

The Stars and Stripes will open the 2013 Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women’s Club Sevens All-Star National Championship against West Saturday at 11:00 A.M. PT. See their full schedule below.

Stars and Stripes | 2013 Emirates Airline USA Rugby Women's Club Sevens National Championship
1. Meya Bizer
2. Amilia Villnes (C)
3. Megan Bonny
4. Rebekah Siebach
5. Lorrie Clifford
6. Liz Sowers
7. Cenitra Hudson
8. Emilie Flanagan
9. Nicole Heavirland
10. Nate Serevi
11. Tess Feury
12. Lauren Trout

Stars and Stripes | Schedule
v. West | Saturday, August 24 | 9:00 A.M. PT
v. Midwest | Saturday, August 24 | 11:40 A.M. PT
v. Pacific Coast | Saturday, August 24 | 2:20 P.M. PT