USA Rugby encourages girls and women to Try On Rugby

Picture this: Thousands of girls running around the rugby field and thousands of women coaching and refereeing rugby across the country. USA Rugby's new program Try on Rugby strives to achieve this vision. This program specifically targets girls under the age of 18 to try rugby and focuses on getting more women into coaching, refereeing, and administrating roles after they have hung up their playing boots.

“We envision Try on Rugby being the catalyst program for keeping the United States as the leading country in female participation in rugby,” USA Rugby Youth Development Manager Erin Kennedy said.

What is Try on Rugby?
Try on Rugby is designed to have a broad reach across all levels. There are four major components of the program:

  • Participation Program - The Try on Rugby Participation Program offers starter kits for anyone looking to introduce the sport of rugby to young girls. Starter kits contain rugby balls, flags, cones, and an extensive curriculum of flag rugby, fitness and nutrition, and life skills for girls under 18.
  • Try on Rugby for Adults - Women should have the opportunity to get involved in rugby at any age and Try on Rugby helps support the pathway to coaching, refereeing, and administrating through educational materials and courses.
  • Try on Rugby Grant Programs - Try on Rugby offers two major grant programs to help more youth programs expand in the U.S. The first of these programs is for schools and community organizations looking to start a rugby program at their location. The second grant program rewards women’s rugby teams for volunteering their time growing the sport in their community.
  • Give Her the Game Philanthropy Program - Try on Rugby provides best practice materials and rewards for high school, collegiate, and adult women’s teams looking to raise funds to support new programs. These teams raise money for Try on Rugby, which funds and supports Try on Rugby for schools and community organizations.

Why Try On Rugby?

“We found there was a need for a development program specifically for girls and women," Kennedy said. "After visiting thousands of schools across the country, it became apparent that many schools and communities felt rugby was just a boys’ sport. We wanted to make this program bright and bold, ensuring a generation of girls would grow up knowing rugby was for them."

The comprehensive resources will give girls and women the chance to become great rugby players on the field and strong women off the field. We look forward to moms and dads, and all men and women help a generation of girls try on rugby.

How Can YOU Help?

USA Rugby is excited to partner with individuals and organizations around the country to roll out Try on Rugby. Many State Rugby Organizations like Rugby Oregon and Rugby Minnesota have Try on Rugby events planned this fall. The Women’s Rugby Foundation is also a proud partner of Try on Rugby; they are involved in the planning and execution of the program. Key Ambassadors like Pam Kosanke are also committed to the mission.

Try on Rugby has a ton of resources available that can be used locally for promoting rugby for girls. If you are interested in learning more about the program, check out:

For any questions on the Try on Rugby program, send an email to