Board Votes In New Members

May Harris’s dedication to the game is rooted in her belief that rugby is a game for all individuals. Regardless of size, shape, sex, or age, May believes that rugby will help everyone who becomes involved in the sport greatly develop in character. She has over 15 years of executive, development and leadership experience within the nonprofit sector and within socially innovative businesses.

Like May, Eugene Gaughan’s love of the game did not come from being a player of the sport. His interest was sparked while working abroad in Ireland and elsewhere across Europe with an employer who was a fan of the game. Upon his return to the states, Eugene began to follow the USA Eagles. He experienced the true sense of respect and sportsmanship that rugby encompasses while attending the 2011 Rugby World Cup match in Plymouth, N.Z when he stood alongside both teams in a sincere moment of silence during the tenth anniversary of 9/11. He is a lawyer and a CPA and retired as a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has served as a trustee of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and is the Chairman of the Audit Advisory Committee of the Town of Southampton, New York.

Stephen Ardizzone feels strongly that rugby become mainstream in North America because of the values of camaraderie, passion, commitment, and respect that he sees in the sport. He feels that the unique nature of rugby makes it a sport people do not necessarily need to compete in to enjoy. The extraordinary alumni support and sense of mutual respect that opposing teams have for each other is what Stephen believes to be contributing factors to the rugby culture. He has over 32 years experience in the financial services business. He founded Zone Energy Group, Inc., served on the boards of DME Holdings Limited and Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited, founded Two Rivers Trading Group, LLC., and currently is the Chairman of Membership in the NYMEX division of the CME and Vice Chairman of the CFBTA.

Anne Barford’s devotion to rugby began during her college years when she played for Rutgers. This was followed by a 15-year stint with the Monmouth Renegades in New Jersey where she fulfilled coach and captain responsibilities. After her time with the Renegades and involvement with a few other teams, Anne topped off her rugby career as a US Eagle in 1990 and 1991. She appreciates the abundance of opportunities that rugby has provided her. In fact, she refers to her rugby colleagues as “an extended family for life.” Anne now seeks to assist young athletes in attaining the opportunities and connections that she was given through rugby. She is currently Director of IT at Corning Inc. She has held a variety of leadership positions at AT&T, IBM, Unisys, and First Data.

We are confident that these board members will help lead our organization to even greater success. View our Trust staff and board member bios here.