Donor Spotlight: Meet Anne Vanbuskirk

Anne VanBuskirk is a revered donor to USA Rugby Trust. Her generosity stems from her belief in rugby as an inspiring game and from a concern for the growth of women’s sports in particular.

I’m not sure that I am an ideal donor to highlight. I say this because I am probably not your typical donor: I personally have no rugby background at all- I’ve watched it, but never played. I do love watching it- the athleticism, excitement of the game, and determination is incredibly inspiring.

My introduction to rugby, such as it is, was through 2 sources: the family of Sarah Wilson, whose parents are dear friends (Sarah, her brother, and another sister all played rugby in high school for a local club), and a student who worked in my research laboratory at (The) Ohio State University, who, like Sarah, played for the Ohio State club team.

That said, I donate to USA Rugby to support women’s sports in general and to support Sarah in particular. It is important for women, like men, to have the opportunity to pursue their dream to play rugby at the highest level. Because we don’t have professional women’s rugby, it is quite difficult for these women to represent our country and to pursue their dream while supporting themselves and paying their own way. Sarah and her teammates are an inspiration in their dedication and commitment to their team and the sport- giving us all lessons in perseverance. I am happy to contribute in a small way to their success.