Rise to the challenge

This article is part of the USA Women's Eagles Final in '14 blog. All entries are written exclusively by members of the women's national team.

At some point, everyone has most likely heard the story of David and Goliath. Without going into the specific details, David was a young shepherd boy who defeated a giant named Goliath with a slingshot and stone. The odds were in favor of the experienced giant, but David proved that what seems impossible can be made possible. This Sunday School lesson has been on my mind lately.

New Zealand has been the World Champion for the last four World Cups. Despite their loss against Ireland, pushing them out of the top four, they are still a rugby giant with incredible talent. They pulled out a win against us in pool play a few days ago. Tomorrow the Black Ferns will be coming out with a new fire in them to defeat us.

The USA on the other hand is the underdog, the unfavored team. We are the David. With this in mind, we believe that we can rise to the challenge. We have nothing to lose. We believe that we can defeat this giant in our way. If you've read Jamie Burke's last blog, she talked about the importance of our jersey. On the shoulder there is World Cup from when USA defeated the Black Ferns in 1991 to become World Champions. Tomorrow is the day we channel that team. Tomorrow is the day we do something the USA hasn't done since 1991.

For me, this experience has been incredible. Playing for my country is always an honor, but playing for my country at a World Cup brings a new feeling that I've never felt before. Most serious athletes can only fathom the thought of representing their country in a World Cup. Tomorrow, I will step out onto the field and be living in my dream. It almost doesn't feel real, but as time draws nearer to the match and I step out side by side with my team listening to my country's national anthem, reality sets in. I made it.

Adrenaline is rushing through me faster than it has ever done before. I feel it consume every inch of my body. Being a young athlete it is hard to control all of the emotions, but luckily I have Jamie Burke who is telling me when to turn my faucet of energy out little by little. Right now, it is still time to relax so I'm going to stop writing before I explode with excitement. However, the excitement I will carry onto the field. I will play with a smile on my face because it is such an incredible honor to be here.