How do you compare to an Olympic rugger?

In September, Women’s Sevens Eagle and Olympic hopeful Kelly Griffin challenged USA Rugby Trust’s network on Plus 3 to see how their workouts compared to her intensive training at the Olympic Training Center. Kelly tracked a total of 6,176 kudos, earning $61.76 for USA Rugby Trust. Four winners who surpassed kudos milestones will receive USA Rugby gear for logging their activities on Plus 3.

Want a chance to win prizes on Plus 3? In October, see how you measure up to Mike Petri! Sign up for +3 today and get logging! National team players will be challenging you in November and December, too!

What is +3 Network? It’s a social network where you track your healthy activities – everything from playing rugby, swimming or lifting weights, to spending time with family, brushing your teeth or volunteering in your community. You earn kudos for logging activity, and Mountain Dew donates money for your activities. The more kudos you earn, the more money USA Rugby Trust earns for youth rugby programs, referee and coaching development, and building the national player pathway.

Thank you Kelly and all of our friends logging on +3!