Rookie Rugby gets new website

BOULDER, Colo. - USA Rugby launched the official Rookie Rugby website Thursday to give coaches, teachers, students, and future Olympians a one-stop source of information for the exciting flag rugby program.

Aimed at giving young people the opportunity to learn the game of rugby and the importance of teamwork and respect, Rookie Rugby is a safe, non-contact version of rugby designed for young players to develop the sport's basic skills.

The Rookie Rugby website houses the program's game and skill cards, which come with the AIG Rugby in a Box kit. Other features include a Youth Rugby Social Hub, a built-in shop selling Rookie Rugby materials, and a directory for State Rugby Organizations.

"We are so excited to be able to give our members an innovative, functional home for Rookie Rugby," USA Rugby Youth & High School Manager Brandy Medran said. "This website will help us grow rugby amongst the youth of America and we could not be more proud of it."

While the AIG Rugby in a Box kit possesses everything necessary to play Rookie Rugby, the website provides demonstration videos for drills and activities. Parents and coaches can also find safety information for all involved.

Visit today and join the youth rugby conversation on Facebook and Twitter.