USA Rugby Trust to issue paramedic grants in 2015

The USA Rugby Trust is sponsoring a grant program in 2015 to help defray the cost of providing ambulance and paramedic services at its Men’s and Women’s Collegiate and Club Playoff events.

The Trust will award a total of $8,000 in grants to the host venues, around $1,000 to each, which will pay for about half the cost of providing emergency medical services at the two-day playoff events. The eight venues chosen to host the playoffs will all be awarded a grant.

“Last year during the college playoffs we had a situation where two players collided heads on a tackle,” Collegiate Director Rich Cortez said. “There were EMT’s present and they were able to quickly respond and provide medical attention. As a result both players made a full recovery. Situations like this are why one of USA Rugby’s main focuses is on player safety. We have committed to creating a safe environment for our players, which this grant will directly support.”

USA Rugby and the USA Rugby Trust are committed to providing the tools necessary to create a safe environment for all athletes. The many generous donors who support the Trust have made the prospect of hosting rugby playoff matches safer for the athletes and more affordable for the hosts. Likewise, USA Rugby, with the help of the Trust donors, has developed many programs to improve the health and safety of all rugby players in the United States, including guides to explain what is needed to prevent injuries and improve medical coverage at local events, league competition, and all other development activities.

USA Rugby is currently evaluating the bids to host the 2015 Collegiate and Club playoffs and will be announcing the winning bidders in January.