Do you know what to do when someone suffers a concussion?

USA Rugby places player welfare and safety at the very top of our priorities.

This is especially true with concussions and head injuries. USA Rugby's concussion policy is intended to follow the World Rugby Regulation 10, and follows the "5 Rs" of concussion awareness: Recognize, Remove, Refer, Recover and Return.

This year, we are taking the process one step further to ensure all of our members know the proper procedures that must be taken before returning to the field. Take a look at the below chart for a better understanding of exactly what steps you need to take if a concussion is suspected.

Concussion Chart

Download / view the Concussion Management Chart >>>>

These steps must be completed by you, or your teammate prior to returning to the field. No matter what. But don't just take it from us, listen to USA Rugby Director of Medical Services Michael Keating: