WPL Player of the Week: D.C.'s Anna Cohen-Price

The final week of the Women's Premier League season meant different things to different teams. For many, the goal was qualifying for the semifinals; for others, Week 6 was the last chance for a win. The D.C. Furies found themselves in the latter category, and after a long season of patience and growth, the team was rewarded with a 17-10 win over New York.

WPL Player of the Week Anna Cohen-Price is the Furies' journey incarnate.

"She is the most indicative of the changes this team has gone through in the last year," D.C. coach Jo Bader said of the No. 8. "She started a couple games last year but was primarily a sub on the WPL side last year. She worked hard in the spring and off-season to improve her game, and came back this fall ready for the season. She has improved every single weekend this season and is constantly improving aspects of her game on both offense and defense."

The Furies had lost more than half of last season's starting lineup, so 2015 was always going to be a work-in-progress.

"It's been a challenge to start with a fresh group of players every season," Cohen-Price commented on the transient nature of D.C. "Because of this, we have been working incredibly hard as a team to gel, as a lot of us haven't worked together before. We have seen huge improvements all around since the beginning of the season, and we could feel it during our game against Atlanta, so that definitely helped our mental game going into Sunday's match."

Against New York, Cohen-Price scored the only try of the first half. The able boot of Kimber Rozier, who was rostered for the last two weeks of the season, added another five points for the 10-0 lead at half. New York ran in back-to-back tries in the second half to tie it up, and then co-captain Sam Pankey dotted down the go-ahead score with two minutes on the clock.

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"We are definitely a very different team than we were when we played them in the first game of the season," Cohen-Price reflected on the 35-0 loss in Round 1. "Our defense has been great all season, but we have struggled to score despite many opportunities. Our attacking pattern definitely clicked on Sunday - more than it had in previous games - and our team just looked better across the board. It was definitely a team effort to leave that game with a win."

There are two more opportunities for D.C. to improve its record, as the national championships begin on Friday, Nov. 13 in Glendale, Colo. ORSU awaits in the 5th place semifinal, and depending on results, the Furies will play either Atlanta or San Diego on Sunday, Nov. 15.

"Despite a challenging season, we've gone into every game with a positive attitude, and that didn't change on Sunday," Cohen-Price added. "We definitely wanted to end the season on a high note, and we will take that momentum as we play for 5th place at nationals."